Try Alternative Treatments To Reduce Warts And Moles!

alternative treatmentThere are three types of general warts, first is the common warts, second are the plantar warts and the third is the genital warts. Which type of warts you are suffering from?

Alternative treatments for warts

According to the type of warts, there are different kinds of treatment options available.

Common warts

When you leave these warts alone without treating it, ultimately they are expected to disappear. But, for treating them, there are some natural folk medicines like

Vitamin E: Apply vitamin E oil directly to the warts twice a day to give better results. But, this process takes a week to several months for the warts to vanish spotlessly.

Garlic: Apply crushed garlic clove directly to the warts and cover them with a bandage. If you observe any blister raises within 24 hours, then remove the bandage and the garlic immediately.

Plantar warts

These are similar to common warts and they appear on the soles of your feet due to viruses and bacteria accumulated in your daily activities. To treat plantar warts, here are some alternative remedies:

Greater celandine: Most of the times, herbalists recommend greater celandine in order to treat plantar warts.

Apply the milky juice extracted from the fresh plants that has great celandine once a day.

Aloe vera: The extracted juice from aloe vera plant can be used to make the plantar warts disappear as well.

Genital warts

Virus and bacteria are the major cause of genital warts and is mostly transmitted from sexual contact, so you should avoid sex for the time being until the warts are treated.

Hypnosis: There’s a widely recognized therapy, when participated in the session twice a week can greatly help in curing the genital warts.

Alternative treatment for moles

  • Scrap a small piece of garlic and paste it on the mole so that the juice can get into it.
  • Cut one uncooked onion and cover it with salt and place it on the mole for overnight.
  • Get the juice extracted from stems of figs and leaves and then apply it on the mole.
  • Apply aloe vera gel thrice a day on the moles.
  • Apply milkweed juice on the mole.
  • Rub the mole with a piece of white chalk.
  • Echinacea, red clover or burdock root can also help in preventing moles.