Type II Diabetes Alternative Treatments

omega 3 fatty acidsAmongst those suffering from diabetes, many complain of the ineffectiveness of the traditional diabetic treatments they are taking.

Diabetes is a chronic disorder and it must be clear to all patients, that there is no miracle cure for the disease, the important factor being the control of sugar levels in the blood system.

Although there are plenty of health supplements that promise to decrease the blood sugar level in patients suffering from type 2 diabetes, there is no definite scientific data that proves these actually work.

The omega 3 fatty acids have proven to be beneficial, although they do not directly influence the sugar levels in blood, they do lower the levels of cholesterol and keep blood pressure down.

It is important to understand that health supplements cannot and must not substitute regular diabetic treatments, for this may be dangerous, patients must avoid doing this unless they have first asked their physician’s advice.

Most health supplements have been in health stores for sometime now and are safe to use, although the dosage must be respected, for at times higher doses may counteract with other conventional diabetes drugs, while other herbal remedies and supplements may also modify the levels of sugar in the blood.

Before purchasing any health supplements, the quality and product must be verified, for many imitation products exist on the market or on the Internet and these can be harmful, especially to those already taking other conventional drugs.