Types Of Popular Health Alternative Medicine Systems To Achieve Safer Cure!

Health Alternative MedicineSearching for safer cure for your health condition?

Here are different types of health alternative medicine systems that can help you in achieving safer cure.

There are five classifications of health alternative medicine systems. Those are:

  1. Biologically based methods
  2. Energy medicine systems
  3. Manipulative and body based practices
  4. Mind-body medicine systems
  5. Whole body medical systems

Here is the detailed information about the health alternative medicine systems.

Biologically based methods:

These methods use the substances which are found in nature. Herbs and diet and nutrition methods come under this category.

Herbal medicine:

Different types of herbs are used as health alternative medicine. They can be used in different forms such as dried, fresh, powdered or crushed from. They can be effectively used to treat diseases and promote well-being.

Diet and nutrition supplements:

Diet and nutrition therapy as an effective health alternative medicine system consist of any substance that can be taken by your mouth and it contains the ingredients proposed to supplement the diet.

Supplements may include amino acids, enzymes, herbs, metabolites, minerals, vitamins, and other botanicals. Though they are not regulated for effectiveness and safety, they must meet specific labeling requirements.

Energy medicine systems:

These health alternative medicine systems involve use of energy fields, such as magnetic field and biofields. Qigong and therapeutic touch come under this category.

Electromagnetic fields:

Electromagnetic fields surround the earth and all the things on it. Some of the systems of health alternative medicine depend on changing the electromagnetic fields around the body.

Qi gong:

It is pronounced as ‘chee gong’, it is a part of traditional Chinese medicine that emphasizes proper breathing in combination with movement and meditation to improve the blood circulation, balance the flow of qi and enhance the immune system.

Therapeutic touch:

This health alternative medicine system is based on the laying on of hands. It is an ancient healing technique. After the balance of body energies healing is promoted. The practitioner of therapeutic touch achieves the balance of body energy by passing his hands over your body.

Manipulative and body based practices:

This health alternative medicine therapy based on manipulation or movements of one or more parts of your body. Acupuncture, chiropractic, and massage therapy come under this practice.


It has been in use for over 2000 years. This health alternative medicine therapy involves stimulating your body points by pressure or puncture. It is a part of traditional Chinese medicine that is mainly based on the flow of blood and life force, and also balancing of forces in your body.


It is a type of massage therapy by using essential oils. The fragrance of these oils can be used to treat various types of illnesses and conditions. It is often used as complementary and health alternative medicine procedure for control of pain, nausea and side effects of conventional treatments.


It is a manipulative health alternative medicine therapy system that mainly focuses on aligning the bodily structure to treat and restore health. It is one of the most widely accepted health alternative medicine system in the United States.

Massage therapy:

It is a different subset of health alternative medicine. This therapy involves the direct or indirect stimulation of muscle and connective tissue to promote relaxation and health. It also enhances the functions of the tissues.

Mind-body medicine system:

This system uses a variety of techniques to enhance your mind’s ability to affect bodily functions and systems. Biofeedback, hypnosis, tai chi, and yoga come under this category.


In this technique you are trained to improve your health by learning to control certain internal bodily processes that normally occur involuntarily. There are different types of biofeedback which are used to provide relaxation.


This health alternative medicine therapy is often used in addition to conventional therapies. It helps to access your inner resources to achieve realistic goals. It helps in controlling mental and physical illnesses.

Tai chi:

This health alternative medicine therapy is often referred to as the “meditation in motion”. It is an effective choice of fitness. It involves slow but elegant moves to conserve energy rather than spend it.


Yoga takes into account three basic parts of your body such as physical posture, breathing and relaxation. It is an effective health alternative medicine system and showed positive results in treating illnesses.

Whole body medical system:

These health alternative medicine systems are built upon complete systems of theory and practice. Homeopathy and traditional Chinese medicine come under this system.


This health alternative medicine system is entirely based on the belief that “like cure like”. The theory behind homeopathic medicine is that minute, dilute doses of a substance can cure symptoms that larger doses would create.

Traditional Chinese medicine:

It is often abbreviated as TCM. It is mainly based on positive and negative energy in your body. Nutritional therapy, massage, meditation, herbal treatment, physical exercise and acupuncture all some under TCM.