Urine Therapy And Medication

dosageWe have spoken about Urine therapy before and this attracted a considerable amount of interest including some readers who wanted to know more about urine therapy.

One of our readers posed a very pertinent question about urine therapy; about whether it was possible to use this therapy in conjunction with or at the same time as taking prescription medications.

The short answer to this is that any medication that you may be taking, should be used with caution when one also practices urine therapy, it is generally discouraged.

The simple reason for this is that since you are taking in your own urine, there is a chance that you are getting more than the required dosage of the medication since it is being recycled: what is excreted by way of urine is again entering the body.

So while there may not be grave danger from urine therapy being practiced in conjunction with other allopathic remedies caution is necessary.

The proportion or dosage of the medication could be adjusted or reduced if required, however what is important is that one must clear with one’s physician what is safe to take and what is not safe to take when one is undergoing urine therapy.