What Are The Alternative Healing Methods And How They Affect The Mind, The Body And The Soul-Spirit?

Alternative Healing MethodsBecoming tired with your hectic work?

In today’s life almost all of us are busy with our schedules.

There is no time to relax.

Here is an alternative healing method that relaxes your mind, body and the soul-spirit.

You may know that alternative healing therapies are becoming popular.

There are many different alternative healing systems. Some of them are discussed here.

Crystal healing:
It is a form of alternative healing with the use of crystals placed on or around the body. In the ancient times crystals have been used to heal and restore balance. This alternative healing method using crystals can help in releasing and clearing negative energy, there by assisting in energy healing.

Your problem areas can be accessed by a crystal healer by selecting each crystal individually for each particular area of your body. Crystals are placed strategically on your body to allow the energy from them to flow into your body.

Benefits of crystal healing:

  • Crystal healing can help many physical, emotional and mental issues.
  • This method of alternative healing is extremely beneficial in helping to release emotions and helps with problems like depression, anxiety attacks, self-esteem, anger and negativity.
  • Crystals are the powerful tools and get straight to the problem, cleansing toxins, releasing emotions and energizing your whole system.

Your complementary healer will be able to recommend how many sessions are required for your problem and he can also advice on what crystal to purchase to keep at home or at work or even wear in the form of jewellery. Wearing the crystal next to the skin helps in the battle to overcome from the problem that you are facing day-to-day. If you place a crystal near to the computer at your work place helps to restore the balance of energies.

It is an overwhelming task choosing a crystal from thousands of crystals. You can also find thousands of books on the subject of crystals and crystal healing.

Shiatsu is one of the most important alternative healing methods. It is a form of massage. In this alternative healing method finger pressure is applied with a slight pulling of arms and legs.

When you lie on the floor on a comfortable mat the practitioner kneels at your side and works to release any negative energy from your body. He applies finger pressure on your body, softly rocks the torso, and gently pulls the legs and arms all in such a way as to assist healing in your body.

Benefits of shiatsu:

  • This method works to unblock the meridian energy lines which run through the body like a complicated road map. Sometimes energy follows the same lines as muscles or blood vessels.
  • This alternative healing is very beneficial in healing joint pain, back pain, and numerous other physical complaints.
  • It is extremely relaxing and provides a deep sense of well-being.

It is an extremely effective alternative healing method and an ancient form of pin-pointing where the body is experiencing problems and assisting with healing and relief from pain.

Your practitioner will asks you to sit in a very comfortable chair with attached foot-rest and he sits by your feet. Then pressure is applied on your feet and he will explain you what he is actually doing.

Certain areas of the feet are connected to corresponding organs in the body and your practitioner is trained to detect the slight changes in the feet as he applies the pressure.

There many benefits of reflexology such as it helps in combating physical, emotional and mental areas, and most importantly this alternative healing is very, very relaxing.