What Are The Criticisms Of Traditional Medicine?

Traditional MedicineAll of us know that some of the traditional medicine methods are natural.

Since they are natural everybody think that they won’t cause any side effect.

No, you are thinking in a wrong way. Not even a single traditional medicine work without any side effects.

Most of the complementary and traditional medicine systems even approach acceptance in the mainstream medicine, criticisms are still continuing about not only the methods but also the government agency that supports research into them.

According to many detractors, the study of traditional medicine by NCCAM doesn’t perform seriously to debunk or prove the claims of proponents.

Instead of this the agency is greatly supported in favor of traditional medicines. It ignored to inform the dangers that are recommended about the CAM therapy to the public.

About alternative therapy, some of the most vocal critic point out that they lack rigorous scientific testing, including double-blind clinical trials and safety testing.

They also declare that such testing is expensive and complain about the government wasting money on proving that quackery when other research is vanishing for need of such funding.

Some of the studies being researched on many of the traditional medicine methods are wrong to conduct for many reasons.

Among those the most important one is they have no value because they examine claims without enough scientific basis. There is not even a single scientific study that proves that the traditional medicine is most likely effective.

Still NCCAM has to declare that any CAM therapy studied as useless. It often fails to declare that warnings of some traditional medicine s are dangerous.

The NCCAM web site finds a section of alerts that includes a consumer alert that one of the herbal therapy proponents called Echinacea is ineffective in preventing upper respiratory infections.

In addition to this the herb St. John Wort not mentioned the warnings about the dangers. About half a dozen medicines can interact with St. John Wort.

Some of them are medicines to treat HIV and for treating depression. So, you should not take a single herb without the permission of your doctor.

NCCAM may have a bias toward instructing and providing information about the methods of traditional medicine. This bias is there by design to combat the bias against those treatment methods in the conventional medical world.

While researching medicines for complementary medicine and traditional medicine, evaluate all the things that you read carefully.

Don’t forget that it is your body and your health. You better know how what you put into the first will affect the later one.