Yumeiho – Another Kind Of Regenerating Therapy

YumeihoHave you heard about Yumeiho?  It is a massage therapy that can treat different symptoms without using medicines.

It was made public by Saionji Masayuki, a doctor from Japan.

He combined different methods from different countries and selected the best for the new technique.

It is based on ancient oriental method called Setaiho which is used to prevent symptoms by realizing the exercise, self recovery and strength as part of life.

The combination of systems proved to be effective. The method consists of a hundred movements that will be used in each case. The therapist massages muscles and adjusts articulation all over the body. This is very beneficial for the muscles and connective tissue.

Yumeiho is characterized by treatment and prevention of certain ailments in the body. One example is curing hip displacement, which are symptoms suffered by a lot of people.

If you want to know more about this kind of therapy, there is a book that you can read. This can give information about Yumeiho. You can find out about details of the therapy. It includes benefits and advantages of this kind of regenerating therapy.

If you are planning to undergo Yumeiho, then there are things that you need to remember about this kind of therapy massage. Select a center with a trained masseur to ensure that you are given the right treatment.

Usually they have undergone the treatment themselves and know exactly what to do. It is advisable that you wear casual clothes during the process. It should not be made from synthetic materials.

Wear clothes made from cotton. Remove shoes, glasses, watch and jewelries. The therapist would also wear clothes that allow them to move softly.

Yumeiho is conducted using proper mattress. This means it shouldn’t be too hard or too soft. The duration of the entire process varies. It is different from case to case and it is based on the problem it approaches.

Yumeiho is beneficial for the body. Its effect includes removing the tiredness. After the therapy you will feel comfort. It can also prevent serious disease.

With Yumeiho therapy, your immune system will be strong enough. Your body will also be elastic and if you have problem with sexual performance, then this can very well help because your mental functions will be harmonized.

This therapy is not for everyone. Patients suffering from fever, osteoporosis, tuberculosis, pulmonary diseases, renal disease and cancer should avoid this kind of therapy.

If you have menstruation, it is not advisable. Never undergo Yumeiho on a full stomach because it is best to wait for about three hours after meals in order for the therapy to work at its best.