Aromatherapy As A Natural Aphrodisiac

If you have ever had a particular smell evoke and erotic memory, or had a perfume transport you to another time and place altogether, then you know the power of aroma to make you feel things, to alter your mood, bring up forgotten memories and do a whole lot besides.

In the process of human civilization and evolution, much of our instinctive reaction to smell has been diluted so that we no longer react to our sense of smell the way we were programmed by nature.

aromatherapyHowever, it is still a fact that our olfactory sense can be stimulated to produce certain responses and the way that sex pheromones work is evidence of this fact.

Using aroma therapy as a natural aphrodisiac first requires a rising of the body temperature since the warmth that this generates, causes the fragrance of the therapeutic oils to start working. Some of the essential oils that you may find work really well for the libido are –

Jasmine – this is one truly sensual floral fragrance and in places such as India the fragrance has long been used as natural perfume for the body and hair as well. The tradition of applying jasmine scented oil to the hair has been a tradition for ages and continues to this day.

Rose – If there is one smell or one flower that is quite simply the essence of romance, it would have to be roses. There are reasons why the rose scented bath is the epitome of sensual luxury and the rose petal strewn bed is a call to eroticism. Cleopatra was known to bathe in milk and Rose petals even thousands of years ago.

Vanilla – The beautiful but subtle smell of vanilla can stimulate the senses and start to make you feel in the mood so to speak. Though vanilla is erroneously sometimes, thought of as a bland spice, it can be very effective in stroking latent fires.

Ylang Ylang – This is a sweet floral smell that is best used in conjunction with other fragrances since its very sweetness can be cloying for some. However it blends very well with other fragrances to produce the desired results.

Ginger – This is known to raise the temperature of the body and while it is known to greatly enhance the flavor of any number of dishes, it is also known to be an addition to salves and unction’s that are used to apply to the skin.