Bergamot Essential Oil Has Many Different Uses

Bergamot essential oil comes from the bergamot fruit and should not be confused with the herb of the same name. The bergamot fruit is about to size of an apple or Orange, and it has the color of a bright yellow lemon.

There is a very obvious and distinct odor that comes from the bergamot fruit, so you will always be able to detect it in the air when it is around.

There are many different medicinal qualities of bergamot essential oil, and it can be used in aromatherapy to solve a lot of different problems.bergamot essential oil

Bergamot is one of the most recognized essential oils in existence today, so you know that you are getting the real deal when you choose this oil over all of the others. This is not to say that other oils don’t have positive qualities as well, but bergamot is one oil that can give you many different things all at once.

Bergamot is a must have item for your aromatherapy collection, so you need to make sure to go out and find some if you want to have an aromatherapy kit that is worth using.

You should try to use a myriad of different essential oils over time, and then begin to narrow down on the ones that work the best for you. It’s always good to have a few different oils on hand because you are going to need to use different ones for different special occasions.

Using bergamot essential oil to solve your health issues

One of the uses of bergamot essential oil that is very popular these days is its ability to be used as an air freshener when combined with other fruits such as Oranges and Lemons.

You can place a bowl of fruits and oils in any room to help freshen it up and make it more appealing to anyone who walks in through the front door. This specific scent will be able to alleviate any physiological problems people are having by lifting their spirits with natural and pleasant odors going through the home.

With the calming and stress relieving effects that this oil can have on the body, it would be wise to place it in areas of a home or office where work needs to get done.

People will be able to work more efficiently and relax a little bit when they can smell the aroma of this oil in the air. You should try to place the scent in a place that will allow it to spread throughout the room with relative ease and make sure it hits everyone as they walk in.

Prevent acne with bergamot vapors

One of the most popular uses of bergamot essential oil is mixing it in with some steaming water and allowing it to steam up to your face. This will make it much harder for acne to develop in the future and will also help clear up any acne that has already developed on the face.