Why Is Sandalwood Essential Oil So Popular?

When it comes to essential oils used for aromatherapy and other forms of treatment, it doesn’t get much better than sandalwood essential oil. This is an essential oil that is one of the most popular oils around the globe, and it is also used in the perfume industry because of its unique and pungent scent.

Many different cultures believe in the healing powers of this plant, and you don’t have to just live in China to be able to feel the benefits.

Sandalwood can be used through many different methods, but the top two are most likely going to be aromatherapy and as a massage oil for the majority of the population.Sandalwood Essential Oil

These are the two most common uses because these are the two uses that work the best and give the best results. When it comes to essential oils, it should be all about the effects the oil has on your body and not how much you like that particular essential oil.

Sandalwood essential oil is taken from the wood of the sandalwood tree, so it comes from a completely natural and organic source. This tree is usually found in Tibet, India and China and all these cultures enjoy the benefits of the sandalwood tree.

People tend to use the resources around them to remedy their problems, so that’s why these cultures have been so inclined to use this essential oil for such a long period of time.

Known uses of sandalwood essential oil

The scent of sandalwood essential oil is often described as similar to wood, which makes sense when you factor in the idea that it comes from a tree. The great thing about the scent is that it lasts for a rather long period of time so you will not have to use as much of it when compared to other essential oils that you may have used in the past.

Much like other essential oils that you can find in the world today, sandalwood is able to heal a number of different problems that you may be dealing with.

Acne is the biggest ailment that people try to remove with sandalwood because no one likes to walk around with acne on their face all day.

If you have acne or some other kind of skin condition then sandalwood is going to be the perfect essential oil for you to try. When you want to use sandalwood to attack your acne and remove it forever you will simply have to apply the oil directly to the skin.

This essential oil also fights depression

Combining yoga with aromatherapy and sandalwood essential oil is a great way to free your mind of stress and try to alleviate that depression that’s been eating away at you for months or years. You will still have to defeat depression on your own, but sandalwood essential oils can definitely give you a huge boost in the right direction.