Try Essential Oils for Flu This Season

The flu season is upon us in no uncertain terms and the sniffles, the fever and the body are making their presence felt just about now.

Essential oils have been used as therapy and now alternative therapy to treat pain and inflammation in the muscles and joints.

Essential oils, particularly those such as cinnamon, eucalyptus, peppermint, oregano, frankincense and lemon can help here; use “intelligent chemistry” to battle viruses according to this Natural medicine site.

The molecules in the essential oils work at defeating the virus as it attacks the body and essential oils are further beneficial in that viruses do not become resistant to them. Viruses often mutate and become resistant to drugs and antibiotics; however the same is not true for essential oils. With the flu, the mantra is, ‘Use Early and Reapply Frequently.’ Reach for the essential oils next time that you want to send the flu packing!