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animal assisted therapy

More About Animal Assisted Therapy

We have touched on animal assisted therapy and its applications before; in this post we look at the many ways in which animal assisted therapy is practically used in real situations. There were reports recently of an autistic child being helped by a pet dog. Until the arrival of Midas the dog, Zach was prone […]

tea party

Unique ‘Alternative’ Gifting Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Candy and chocolates are not only clichéd, they are also not the best thing for you to indulge in health wise, so consider these alternative gifting ideas for Valentine’s Day that are not only unusual but actually good for you! Integrative practitioner and health journalist Dr Sharon Ufberg decided not to go the candy and […]

spices good for health

Reasons to ‘Spice Up’ Your Life

It isn’t just taste that they add to food, the spicy ingredients commonly found in a curry are also good for health in a number of different ways.  Curries have medicinal benefits and ward off illnesses, says pioneering chef, Gurpareet Bains, who is also an author, and a nutritional therapist. According to Bains, his dish […]

Dandelion for Great Skin

Dandelion for Great Skin

Dandelion may be a weed but it is a very useful herb; which can work as a diuretic, to flush out toxins from the system, and have great nutritional value for the body. For this reason, dandelion tea is a popular beverage for many. Dandelion is packed with a number of nutrients that are very […]

dietary supplements

Don’t Mix Warfarin And Dietary Supplements, Says Study

If you have been prescribed any anti blood clotting medicine such as Warfarin or similar formulation, then you must make it a point to reveal to your doctor information about any dietary or herbal supplements you are taking. Researchers discovered strong evidence of the fact that 10 top selling supplements could alter the efficacy of […]


7 Picturesque Healing Spices You Should Have in Your Pantry

Find out how your eating habits may help to heal you.

Easy to Make Recipes For a Natural Hair Care

Easy to Make Recipes For a Natural Hair Care

The natural hair care recipes are very easy to make and the ingredients are at hand in any regular home. It is surprising how common things we have around the kitchen can salvage a bad hair day and make our lives better. A spoon of lemon juice massaged on the scalp and left to stay […]