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How to Cope with Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a rare and malignant cancer that coats most of the body’s internal organs due to exposure to asbestos. The most common form affects the lungs, but the abdomen can also be affected. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you need to understand your treatment options and learn how […]

arachnoid cysts

Alternative Treatments for Arachnoid Cysts

Arachnoid cysts are fluid-filled sacs in the arachnoid layer of then meninges – the membrane surrounding the brain and spinal cord. They are made up of cerebrospinal fluid and are considered benign. In many cases, the cysts are small and do not disturb the brain tissue or the spinal cord. In those instances, doctors may […]

healing power of elderberry

The Healing Power of Elderberry

For centuries, mankind has prepared jams, pies, wines and syrups from the blue and purple berries of the elderberry plants. Some cooks use elderberry flowers to add flavor to pancakes and fritters. In fact, the elderberry plant’s flower cluster is often dipped in batter, fried and eaten in Native American and Spanish cultures. Elderberry plants […]

avoiding solitude during sobriety

Avoiding Solitude During Sobriety

Recovering from an addiction is a difficult enough challenge on its own but it’s especially hard on introverted or shy personalities. It can sometimes be social anxiety that initially leads to alcohol or drug abuse in an attempt to become more amiable by suppressing inhibitions. But a reliance on chemicals to get through social situations […]

herbal medicine

Israel’s Alternative Ways to Address Health Concerns

There are a number of people suffering from various health issues that continuously seek solutions to their serious medical problems. Although conventional hard sciences offer a wide array of remedies, many could still not find the best answers to their conditions, and instead of relying heavily on conformist medical practices, some opt to give alternative […]


The Corset Diet: Shrinking women’s waists by up to six inches

The Corset Diet: 17th century weight loss trend here for a comeback, shrinking women’s waists by up to six inches. Weight loss trends come ten a penny these days, there’s always some new, usually celebrity endorsed, fad around the corner. Now I’ve discovered the corset diet. Women are taking weight loss tips from the Tudor […]

Sleep Apnea

Can you really treat Sleep Apnea with herbs?

Most people believe that sleep apnea is caused by a sagging soft pallet or by some other obstructive tissue in the throat.  Not so. Those things just aggravate the condition. It is caused by the diminution of the signal from the brain to the diaphragm that occurs when muscular inhibition is imposed during the transition […]

green tea

Green Tea: Prevention Against Certain Types of Diseases

Tea is enjoyed around the world as a refreshing and inexpensive beverage, with the added benefit of having negligible calories. There have been numerous researches into the health benefits of tea, and evidence now shows, that there are considerable advantages in drinking tea for its therapeutic properties. Anti-oxidants, which provide very valuable disease fighting and […]