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ardha matsyendrasana

4 Yoga Poses for Relieving Sciatica Pain

Sciatica pain is the pain caused in the lower portion of the body due to inflammation of the sciatic nerve which starts from the lower spine and runs down to the legs. Sciatica pain can be very discomforting and sharp and may occur periodically or randomly. Besides medication and other treatment methods, Yoga exercise proves […]

tai chi

5 Weight Loss Benefits of Tai Chi

Tai Chi sure has several benefits and is considered to be as advantageous as Yoga. But does this science of flowing movements and graceful poses also results in weight loss? Well, the answer is yes. Tai Chi should be made an essential part of your weight loss regime as it not only helps you burn […]

perfect massage oil

5 Tips to Select the Perfect Massage Oil

With a whole plethora of massage oil varieties available in the market, it can be really difficult to select the perfect one, suiting your taste, needs and preferences. There are scented oils, unscented oils, olive oils, nut based oils, seed based oils and so many others that you can easily get confused and spoilt for […]


Use of Reflexology for Reducing Hair Fall

Losing a few strands of hair is normal for everyone as hair fall is a part of the normal hair growth cycle but falling off of hair more than the usual amount is a matter of worry and must be treated immediately. There can be several reasons for hair fall and some of them include […]

natural remedies for treating motion sickness

9 Natural Remedies for Treating Motion Sickness

There is no way a person can completely avoid or prevent motion sickness.  Motion sickness is a common problem faced by many and is an issue in which an individual experiences nausea and uneasiness while sitting in a moving vehicle. There are several natural remedies through which you can treat this problem and the following […]


7 Magical herbs to boost your energy

Energy level of your body depends on the volume you sleep, your food habits, process of management of stress and exercising regime. Even after trying these ways if you are feeling lack of energy then various types of herbs can prove to be of great help. These magical herbs have the capacity to alleviate symptoms […]

Open Up the Chakras

How to Open Up the Chakras

What are Chakras? As per the Hindu and/or Buddhist belief, human body contains large and  confined pools of energy in it which determine psychological qualities we possess. There are essentially seven main chakras in our body,  four in the upper body, governing our mental properties, and another three chakras are found in the lower body, […]

Herbs to Build Strong Immune System

6 Herbs to Build Strong Immune System

The immune system can be defined as a network of cells and organs that participate in the process of synchronizing responses of body to defend infection and diseases. It has the capacity to communicate with the system to trigger an instantaneous response to a crisis and act rendering to the harshness of the infection. It […]