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Herbal Medicine Chart For Different Ailments

Here is a list of ailments and corresponding herbal medicine helpful for the particular problem.

Using an Acupuncture Machine to Heal Your Body

Using an Acupuncture Machine to Heal Your Body

Acupuncture is a form of stress relief treatment that has been around for quite a long period of time but it has gotten a new modern twist on it with the development of the acupuncture machine. The machine for acupuncture has been around for a while now, but it is still relatively new in the […]

Hypnosis for Sleep

Hypnosis for Sleep and How It Could Work for You

Many people probably do not believe in the idea of using hypnosis for sleep because they don’t believe that you can actually be put into a state of hypnosis. While some people certainly cannot be persuaded into entering that state of hypnosis, there are some people who will find themselves heavily affected by hypnotherapy. Just […]

Meditation Techniques

Learning Meditation Techniques Can Improve Your Life

If you are someone who has never researched various meditation techniques and how they can improve your life, then you should definitely take a few minutes to learn the benefits of this ancient form of therapy. Meditation is all about finding your center and bringing some balance to your life, so it’s important to do […]

Medicinal Plants

Are Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants Really That Effective?

Many people are familiar with the word Ayurveda by now because the treatments involved with Ayurveda have become rather popular as an alternative form of medicine. While many people have definitely heard of the various Ayurvedic medicinal plants, most people probably don’t know how they work and which illnesses they fight against. Many of the […]


How Does Acupuncture Work and Benefit the Body?

Many people want to know how does acupuncture work but you should really leave that question to be answered by a professional when they perform the procedure on you. The basic idea is that there are certain points in your body that are filled with pressure and you need an acupuncturist to help you get […]


Does Hypnotherapy Work in Stopping Addiction?

You probably have at least one friend or relative who often raves about the value of hypnotherapy and how it completely changed his or her life.  When you ask does hypnotherapy work, you are really asking if hypnosis works in being able to suggest certain ideas into the minds of various people. You can just […]

Trigger Point Massage

What’s the Deal with the Trigger Point Massage?

The trigger point massage is something that is debated in many massage circles because there are people who argue that trigger points on the body do not even exist. Obviously the people who give these massages disagree with that statement, and they use their customers as the basis for their argument. Whether the trigger points […]