Ayurvedic Massage To A Cleaner & Healthier Body

Ayurvedic massage is designed to cleanse and detoxify the body from chemicals and toxins that are stored deep inside. The massage works through the principles of ayurveda, a science of life founded in India.

It is a traditional form of medicine, recognized in the world of today’s complementary and alternative medicine, which involves the use of yoga, herbs, and massage.

It dates back 3,000 years, during which every member in the family would be encouraged to partake in ayurvedic massage to promote health and well-being.

It is largely based on preventing disease, rather than cure, however it is also a useful aid in curing some disease.

Ayurvedic massage has become a popular way to relax and unwind, because of its powers in recharging the mind and the body through the use of warm oil. The choices of oil and herbs used in the session can be tailored to the client’s personal needs.

Unlike other types of massage, ayurvedic massage uses oil to lubricate and cleanse all areas of the body in order to remove the toxins.

Calamus root extract and sesame oil are used in areas such as the ear, navel, and between the eyebrows to achieve the desired effect. In some cases wherein the patient allows, ayurvedic massage may also involve pouring of sesame oil into the ears in order to clean the ears of wax and dust, provide lubrication, and provide overall relaxation and calmness.

You can enjoy several benefits from an ayurvedic massage, which will show inside and out:

  • Your skin will have a beautiful luster and glow to it because it is healthier and free from toxins;
  • Improves circulation and blood flow;
  • Increased concentration and energy levels;
  • Decreased stiffness from the joints and bones, and better posture;
  • Ayurvedic massage helps you flush out waste and toxins;
  • Improve the flow of electromagnetic energy throughout the body;
  • Better mental and emotional health;
  • Increased vitality

When to have an ayurvedic massage?

One can also choose to undergo ayurvedic massage on a daily basis to maximize its positive health benefits. It will fully recharge the body until one is restored to a fully-functioning, healthy individual, inside and out.

It is recommended to have the massage done early in the morning, in order to get rid of toxins and waste that you may have accumulated the night before.

Prior to sleeping and your last shower, you can also have a short session of Ayurvedic massage done before to promote a good, restful sleep.

The benefits of Ayurveda will present itself externally when a person is bright, happy, has a light aura and a more optimistic outlook towards life.

It has been proven that daily practice of Ayurvedic massage is effective in unlocking one’s healing powers and making the mind and body in its most optimum, peak performance. This will help you fight stress, anxiety, and sickness.

However, it should be approached holistically, and you should also practice yoga, and a healthy diet.