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The 11 Powerful Chakras of the Body used for Pranic Healing

The word Chakra has been derived from the Sanskrit word chakra, which means wheel. These are the whirling centres of energy and are part of the subtle body and not the physical body. They can be compared to the major and minor organs. Just as the physical body has minor and vital organs, the subtle […]

Benefits of Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a point pressure massage with its origin in Japanese culture. The term ‘shiatsu’ literally means figure pressure in Japanese. This massage explores the energy pathways spread throughout our bodies and make use of pressure points on corresponding organs. The aim of Shiatsu is to rejuvenate and restore the flow in the circulatory system […]

Art Therapy – The Aesthetic Healing Method

There are a lot of alternative processes of healing these days that have caught the fancy of people and only a specific percentage of the mass still relies on the hard bound medicines and surgeries. One such therapy is art therapy that heals you and improves your lifestyle altogether. Since it is a relatively new […]

Introduction Hydrotherapy and Types of Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy, as the name suggests is the treatment method under which one of the most essential components of life i.e. water helps in curing/ countering different types of conditions/ diseases. One must not confuse hydrotherapy with swimming. This is because; hydrotherapy that uses the pool actually includes performing certain fixed exercise types in a pool […]

Alternative Health Care for Heart Disease: 5 Alternative Options

Heart disease or cardiovascular disease can be described as a whole class of diseases that relate to or involve the heart and/ or the related blood vessels (including arteries, veins and capillaries).The cardiovascular diseases affect the cardiovascular system of the body and the causes for these diseases are of varied kinds or types. But the […]

Alternative Treatment and Home Remedies for Vertigo

Vertigo is a disease which occurs due to problems with the posterior canals of the inner ear. Anyone suffering from this disease tends to feel a certain dizziness or sensation of the environment continuously spinning or moving. As a result of this disease, vertigo patients experience nausea which can even grow acute. While there are […]

How to Cope with Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a rare and malignant cancer that coats most of the body’s internal organs due to exposure to asbestos. The most common form affects the lungs, but the abdomen can also be affected. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you need to understand your treatment options and learn how […]

Easy and Effective Alternative Therapies to Treat Migraines

Migraine headaches cause severe pain in the head as the name suggests sometimes accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. During a migraine attack you feel like lying down in a dark area as there is constant pulsation and throbbing in the head. These attacks can even prolong for a long […]