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The Corset Diet: Shrinking women’s waists by up to six inches

The Corset Diet: 17th century weight loss trend here for a comeback, shrinking women’s waists by up to six inches. Weight loss trends come ten a penny these days, there’s always some new, usually celebrity endorsed, fad around the corner. Now I’ve discovered the corset diet. Women are taking weight loss tips from the Tudor […]

How to Prevent Regular Anxiety from Becoming a Disorder?

How to Prevent Regular Anxiety from Becoming a Disorder?

Anxiety is surely one of the main health issues we are bound to face this century. Behind it hide a large number of physical or psychological causes but in most cases if treated anxiety episodes disappear. The sad fact is that recent studies showed that simple and random episodes of anxiety tend to evolve into […]

What Are the Attention Deficit Disorder Symptoms

What Are the Attention Deficit Disorder Symptoms?

Attention deficit disorder or ADD is a kind of an Attention Deficit hyperactivity disorder which generally occurs in school aged children and is a condition in which a child becomes inattentive and cannot concentrate and focus on the task at hand. ADD is generally marked by impulsive behavior amongst children and often shows signs of […]

Deep Relaxation Techniques for Sleep

Learn the Best Deep Relaxation Techniques for Sleep

When you are relaxed you will have a more restful sleep. Stress can do a lot of damage in your life, such as not letting you have a good night’s sleep. It is good to know that there are some deep relaxation techniques for sleep that you could use. These work best if you also […]

How to Manage Anxiety

How to Manage Anxiety Without Drugs

Anxiety is a common condition that affects around 40 million adults in America each year. It is actually a group of disorders associated with depression. The most popular conventional treatment for depression and anxiety is prescription medication. However, many Americans are becoming disillusioned with prescription drugs, either because of their negative side effects, or because […]

Vitamins for Hair Loss

Right Vitamins for Hair Loss

Hair loss can be hereditary. It can also result from stress, environmental factors and certain vitamin deficiencies. One in two men over the age of 50 suffers from hair loss. To treat or prevent hair loss, you need to get to the root of the problem. Supplementing the diet with the right nutrients and vitamins […]

Tai Cheng Has Benefits beyond the Physical‏

Having the right mental approach to tackling hard to reach fitness goals is a step by step process. People generally quit on jobs that don’t pay well. Simply grinding away at a physical routine without getting the right “payment” can halt some fitness aspirations. Once you have your goal in mind, the task becomes simple. […]

Interesting Facts About Pain and Chronic Pain

Interesting Facts About Pain and Chronic Pain

Did you know that your emotions could impact the way you experience pain? Did you also know that swearing could help you reduce pain? And did you also know that many experts believe chronic pain to be an actual disease that ought not to be ignored? Your reaction to injury could result in chronic pain […]