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Alternative Medicines for Varicose Veins

Treat Varicose Veins With Alternative Medicines

What are Varicose Veins? Varicose veins are distorted or swollen blood vessels which most commonly occur on the legs and are caused in the case when veins have weakened walls or valves which are not functioning properly.  Some triggers of this problem are pregnancy, obesity, menopause and standing continuously for long periods of time.   […]

healing power of elderberry

The Healing Power of Elderberry

For centuries, mankind has prepared jams, pies, wines and syrups from the blue and purple berries of the elderberry plants. Some cooks use elderberry flowers to add flavor to pancakes and fritters. In fact, the elderberry plant’s flower cluster is often dipped in batter, fried and eaten in Native American and Spanish cultures. Elderberry plants […]

herbal medicine

Israel’s Alternative Ways to Address Health Concerns

There are a number of people suffering from various health issues that continuously seek solutions to their serious medical problems. Although conventional hard sciences offer a wide array of remedies, many could still not find the best answers to their conditions, and instead of relying heavily on conformist medical practices, some opt to give alternative […]

Raw Food for Liver Cancer

Raw Food and Ayurvedic Approach for Fighting Liver Cancer

Ayurvedic medicine is known for its holistic approach towards preventing a large number of diseases, but recently it seems to offer a natural way of treatment for liver cancer patients. If conventional oncology treats cancer with radiotherapy and chemotherapy , ayurvedic medicine brings forth complex nutrition elements and specific yoga positions which are proved to […]

Cruciferous vegetables

Foods and Practices for a Perfect Summer Detox

Having a good detox is part of what the modern man considers a step on the road to staying healthy. For people interested in using detox as an alternative medicine tool here is a combination of foods and practices that will allow a perfect body cleanse with realistic health benefits. Foods to Detox for a […]

Chinese Herbs and Alternative Medicine Supplements for Dementia

Chinese Herbs and Alternative Medicine Supplements for Dementia

For many years , complementary medicine studies have focused on the benefits of Chinese herbs over geriatric mental issues such as vascular dementia. Since in Chinese tradition the power of the herbs is used for centuries for preventing and treating mental problems it is helpful to know what do recent studies say. Meta-Analyses Numerous studies […]

Grape Seed Benefits – Learn More about Them

Grape Seed Benefits – Learn More about Them

There have been a lot of studies conducted regarding grape seed extract. According to the findings it can be beneficial for treating heart diseases. Some of the specialists claim that it can be effective in case of the fight against cancer as well. Healing wounds Some of the studies revealed that grape seed extract can […]

What are the Fibromyalgia Treatment Supplements

What are the Fibromyalgia Treatment Supplements?

Fibromyalgia is a condition in which a person experiences chronic widespread pain and stiffness of the joints. Some patients with this medical condition may also experience bowel abnormalities, swallowing issues, sleep disturbance and even numbness as well as a tingling sensation. Fibromyalgia’s exact cause is still unknown and hence the various treatments only cure the […]