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All you Need to Know about Music Therapy During Pregnancy

It is a fact that music has proven to be an effective remedy for many conditions and diseases in the world. Music therapy can also prove useful during pregnancy, both for the mother and the baby growing inside the womb.  Music can help the expecting mother to relax, control her anxiety and also deal with […]

Simple 7 ‘Foodie’ Strategies to Boost Immunity

If you have a weak immune system, you are suffering from a condition called ‘immunodeficiency’. You will catch infections easily and curing will take time, seasonal disease would be troubling you round the year, overall a sick condition would be prevailing – this is definitely not desirable and can be naturally improvised with just altering […]

5 Alternative Treatments for Allergic Rhinitis

Rhinitis, also known as coryza, refers to the inflammation and the irritation that arises in the mucous membrane i.e. the inner lining of the nose. Amongst the various kinds of rhinitis i.e. bacterial, viral etc., allergic rhinitis is the one most commonly found to exist. It occurs when the patient contracts rhinitis as a result […]

Exposure Therapy – A Brief Knowhow

Exposure therapy can be described as a behavioral therapy which is used to treat anxiety disorder. This process of therapy involves exposure of the patient to that particular feared object or context so that they can overcome their anxiety without any danger. According to studies, exposure therapy effectively helps to prevent the development of acute […]

Alternative Treatments for Arachnoid Cysts

Arachnoid cysts are fluid-filled sacs in the arachnoid layer of then meninges – the membrane surrounding the brain and spinal cord. They are made up of cerebrospinal fluid and are considered benign. In many cases, the cysts are small and do not disturb the brain tissue or the spinal cord. In those instances, doctors may […]

Spinal Manipulation- An Alternative Approach to Cure Lower Back Pain

Back pain is common problem which is faced by almost everyone at some time or the other. The lower back portion is mostly affected due to the incorrect sitting postures used by people when working on computers, watching TV like couch potatoes and others. Spinal manipulation techniques are the latest inventions in the medical science […]

Avoiding Solitude During Sobriety

Recovering from an addiction is a difficult enough challenge on its own but it’s especially hard on introverted or shy personalities. It can sometimes be social anxiety that initially leads to alcohol or drug abuse in an attempt to become more amiable by suppressing inhibitions. But a reliance on chemicals to get through social situations […]

Buteyko Breathing Therapy for Asthma

Buteyko is basically a series of breathing exercises which are known to be very effective for treating the problem of asthma.  This treatment method will cure the illness by controlling its symptoms.  Buteyko is not just an exercise but is a re-education in breathing.  What makes buteyko very powerful and popular across the world is […]