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Tips for Buying Aromatherapy Oils

Aromatherapy refers to the practice under which natural extracts from most natural elements like plants, flowers, tree barks, plant leaves, stems etc. are used to improve the overall well being of an individual. The application of aromatherapy is very diverse since there are numerous natural oils that have diverse uses and benefits. Whatever the problem […]

Everything you Need to Know about Steam Shower Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a process or thereupatic procedure which takes advantage of how scents affect the mind and body and what kinds of benefits it can provide to us.  This process has been in practice from ancient times and is still practiced widely.  This therapy is mostly done using essential oils which are derived from plant […]

All you Need to Know about Combining Aromatherapy with Yoga

Aromatherapy and yoga both are two separate methods or practices that have tremendous health and other benefits on humans. But combining of both of these practices can also yield some wonderful advantages and results. Yoga on one hand works by using our mind force with our physical strength to balance the life flow whereas aromatherapy’s […]

Can Aroma Therapy Help in your Digestion?

Many of you might suffer from indigestion and have tried a number of remedies, suggested by doctors or passed on to generations by the elders of the family. But even then the problem persists and this further leads to other problems in your body such as acidity, lack of hunger etc. Did you know that […]

Aromatherapy for Anxiety Relief: 9 Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is a kind of therapy which makes use of plant materials and aromatic therapy oils to bring about physical wellbeing as well as psychological changes.  Aromatherapy can alter one’s mood to show positive changes and one of the areas where this can really help is anxiety relief. By making use of the solutions of […]

Correlation Between Aromatherapy and Chakras

What is Aromatherapy? In aromatherapy plant materials and aromatic plant oils, like essential oils, and other aromatic compounds are used as a source of alternative medicine. The main focus of this therapy is to alter one’s mood, cognitive perception, psychological or physical well being. What is Chakra? Chakras are energy points or knots in the […]

Know the Benefits of Using Aroma Therapy Oils to Reduce Stress

Stress is an indispensible part of life in this century and it is best to curb the seeds of this disease in the very earliest stage. The state of our health depends largely on the types and amount of stress we take in; hence, it is extremely important to make our lives as much stress-free […]

Aromatherapy Benefits and the Science Behind It

Have you ever smelled something that has brought back a powerful memory? Perhaps the scent of cinnamon has aroused memories of your grandmother baking apple pie for the holidays. Maybe the scent of a certain flower reminded you of a special romantic evening. That is the essence of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the technique of using […]