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Gold Coin Grass and its use in Chinese Medicine

Gold coin grass is a type of herb with its leaves similar to gold coins. It is popularly known as ‘Jin Qian Cao’ in Chinese and is used traditionally as a Chinese medicine. The herbal medicine helps to increase urination, lessen fever and treat sexually transmitted ailments. The gold coin grass has its origin in […]

Chinese Medicines and Herbs used to Treat Bronchitis

The airway passages in your lungs are called Bronchi and when they get affected with viral and bacterial infections, along with associated symptoms of a common cold or flu; the pathogen starts breeding on the bronchi – this acute infection is known as bronchitis. Some of the common symptoms of bronchitis are mild fever, severe […]

The Main Differences Between Western and Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine is a holistic and age old medicine system which was first found and established in China many many centuries ago. Even today, several practices and treatment methods of Chinese medicine system are still being followed and rather preferred over Western medicine. The believers of the ancient Chinese medicine often avoid following western medicine […]

The Top Myths Associated with Chinese Medicine Debunked

If you are one of those people who think that Chinese medicine is all about getting stabbed with needles and swilling special concoctions then it is time to think again. Chinese medicine originated thousands of years ago and is a holistic approach to health which is a combination of herbal therapy, diet therapy, meditation, Feng […]

Chinese Treatment and Herbs help Treat Gout Problems Faster and Better

What is Gout? Before learning the methods and Chinese techniques to treat gout problems, it is important to know what exactly is this problem called gout. It is a form of arthritis and finds manifestation in form of joint pains, especially at the big toe, and/or swelling and redness of ankles and heels, elbows, knees, […]

Chinese Herbs and Alternative Medicine Supplements for Dementia

For many years , complementary medicine studies have focused on the benefits of Chinese herbs over geriatric mental issues such as vascular dementia. Since in Chinese tradition the power of the herbs is used for centuries for preventing and treating mental problems it is helpful to know what do recent studies say. Meta-Analyses Numerous studies […]

Chinese Cupping Can Cure Many Health Problems

Chinese medicine is something that has been around for thousands of years and it has not shown any signs of leaving anytime soon. Most people are aware of certain Chinese treatments such as acupuncture, but Chinese cupping is something that a lot of people may not be familiar with. The act of cupping is said […]

New Developments in the Field of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Though Traditional Chinese Medicine has been around for ages, literally, modern medicine is only now fathoming all of the ways in which this ancient method of healing can be beneficial to us. We take a look at some recent findings with relation to TCM or traditional Chinese medicine. Impact of traditional Chinese medicine on fertility […]