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The Various Weight Gain Supplements for Men Side Effects

The Various Weight Gain Supplements for Men Side Effects

Weight gain supplements are mainly taken by men for two reasons: to gain muscle and to gain body mass. Weight gain pills or supplements are often taken by those individuals who are involved in physical activities or extensive body building.These supplements are also taken by extra thin and lean men so as to gain some […]

Protein Supplements Pills

Must Know Info about Protein Supplements Pills

The bodybuilders are always looking for ways to build muscles and the muscles are made of proteins. This is why they are interested in protein supplements pills. A balanced diet has a lot of proteins, but it also comes with calories. As a result taking supplements might turn out to be better. Protein vs. pills […]

Vitamin D Supplements

The Value of Vitamin D Supplements for the Elderly

Research is discovering more and more about the great importance of the sunshine vitamin; Vitamin D for health and wellbeing. We know about the vital importance of vitamin D for bone health, and now recent research has shown that Vitamin D supplements could help the elderly prevent disability and immobility. How the elderly could benefit […]

Rehabilitation Therapy

Get Back to Your Old Self with Rehabilitation Therapy

Rehabilitation therapy is all about using a combination of speech and physical therapy to get yourself back to where you once were before as a person. Many people suffer from sudden illnesses or accidents that come out of nowhere, and luckily there are many different advancements that have been made in the world of healthcare […]

dietary supplements

Don’t Mix Warfarin And Dietary Supplements, Says Study

If you have been prescribed any anti blood clotting medicine such as Warfarin or similar formulation, then you must make it a point to reveal to your doctor information about any dietary or herbal supplements you are taking. Researchers discovered strong evidence of the fact that 10 top selling supplements could alter the efficacy of […]

complementary therapy

The Uses And Benefits Of Complementary Therapy

If you are looking for a cheaper yet effective way to treat your sickness then you should try using complementary therapy. There has been an increase in the usage of these treatments over the past few years and a lot of medical experts and practitioners believe that this trend would continue over the next years. […]

herbal therapy

Deal With Ailments Effectively Through Complementary Alternative Medicine

There are a lot of therapies that help people relieve themselves from ailments and illnesses. However, some of these methods may not be conventional to most people. Instead, they are integrative and have come a long way from ancient methods. People still undergo this kind of medicine simply because modern medicine has become too advanced […]

CAM Therapies for Pets?

CAM Therapies for Pets?

Dr. Richard Palmquist is the Chief of Integrative Health Services at Centinela Animal Hospital, Inglewood California. In this Huffington Post article he speaks movingly of his discovery of and dawning belief in integrative medicine, which encompasses not only conventional therapies but also alternative and complementary medicine (CAM). As a veterinary doctor Dr Palmquist would try […]