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Foods That Cause Inflammation Skin

Inflammation is generally caused by the ingestion of foods which are high in sugar or acids or trans fats. It is a state of stress and tension caused within the body and manifests itself in the form of rashes, eruptions of the skin, reddening and boils. Foods that cause inflammation skin include things like lobsters, […]

Winding down Techniques

A big part of mental wellbeing is being able to unwind, relax and distress at the end of a busy day. This is important particularly when you have had a stressful day at home, at work, or looking after the kids. Putting some time aside at the end of each day to ensure you unwind […]

Two Unusual Therapies – Voice Therapy and Gem Stone Therapy

In our quest to find natural and safe alternatives to surgical and pharmaceutical interventions, we learn more and more about alternative therapies. There are so many different therapies that we can use to reduce our reliance on mainstream therapies and their side effects: we look at two therapies among these – voice therapy and gem […]

Cinnamon And Honey – Scam Or Actually A Miracle Medicine

When I was in India for a brief stint, I was quite surprised looking at honey as a medicine. The lodge that we were living in had a pretty old caretaker with a particularly mischievous grandchild. As it was bound to happen to such mischievous children, he once came limping and crying with a pretty […]

Holistic Medicine More Than Autosuggestion

A few years ago, one of my nephews had a gallstone. As far as we are away from the medical world, we thought that the gallstone was equal to a kidney stone, and lots of water or a few quick beers would solve the problem. We also knew that in the worst case scenario, we […]

Yoga Can Help Quit Smoking

I was a compulsive smoker. If any cigarette manufacturer would want a free model for their advertisements, I was right man to contact – a few years ago. My work as a copywriter and stressful deadlines made the habit of smoking more lucrative for me – a few puffs for myself would never hurt me, […]