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The Best Holistic Treatment Options for Anxiety

The problem of anxiety creates a feeling of constant pressure and fear in a person. The anxiety disorders are the sudden feeling of overwhelming emotions. It can be dizziness, numbness, and loss of breath and the sudden fear of dying. The anxiety disorders are also termed as panic disorders. This panic attack may occur due […]

Holistic Approach to Depression

Holistic Approach to Depression Treatment

Depression is a state when a person tends to feel low and sad. This state of mind might make an individual feel anxious, worried, helpless, guilty, hurt or even restless. A depressed person might lose interest in regular daily activities and in some severe cases; he/she might lose appetite and have problems in making decisions […]

Advantages of Holistic Approach

Advantages of Holistic Approach

Holistic approach is one in which an overall improvement in the physical, psychological and spiritual issues is aimed at. This approach to overall well-being has many advantages as it is more realistic in providing complete cure to the people suffering with different kinds of ailments. The process of holistic approach brings down the negative aspects […]

Natural and Effective – Holistic Remedies for Headaches

Natural and Effective – Holistic Remedies for Headaches

There are many types of headaches – tension headaches, cluster headaches and migraine headaches. We look briefly at holistic remedies for headaches that can work depending upon the sort of headache you have. Best of all these are natural remedies that have no harmful side effects. 1. Rest This is one of the simplest but […]

Spiritual Way to Weight Loss

The Spiritual Way to Weight Loss

Faith can heal and similarly, a holistic method of weight loss involves spirituality. Debi Dunbar Mahoney and Annette Murphy from Oklahoma City claim to offer guidance about the Spiritual Principles of Releasing weight. Rather than the traditional weigh ins and set goals for weight loss, this is a weight loss methodology that teaches spiritual lessons […]

Home Remedies for Cold Sores

Some Easy Home Remedies for Cold Sores

Cold sores, or fever blisters, are caused by the herpes simplex virus, and can be both unattractive and painful. Conventional treatments include topical antibiotics and just “waiting it out”. According to Western medicine, there is no cure for a cold sore and topical treatments may only shorten the duration of outbreaks by a day or […]

Holistic Living

Yoga, Meditation and Holistic Living

Today’s modern world seems to move at a speed that cannot be maintained for much longer, and that’s why so many people have turned to holistic living techniques over the past few decades. As the globe continues to spin on its axis and the world becomes more and more complex, it can be hard to […]

Vibrational Healing

What Is Vibrational Healing?

Vibrational healing is an alternative form of therapy that allows people to try and reverse the negative vibrations in their body by making significant changes in their lives. When you don’t take care of your body and you procrastinate with everything that you are supposed to do each day, it becomes hard to walk around […]