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Hypnosis Induction Scripts for Children

Hypnosis Induction Scripts for Children

Hypnosis is practiced on children in order to help their minds to relax. There are many kinds of hypnosis induction scripts for children, but care should be taken to practice hypnosis in the presence of a counselor or a child psychologist or anyone trained to handle the responses of the child. The hypnosis script should […]

Anxiety Hypnotherapy

Anxiety Hypnotherapy- What is it and Does it Work?

It is often claimed that we are born with certain fears and logic tells us that some fears are necessary to our survival. For example a person crossing a road being wary of approaching traffic or a soldier in a war zone scanning their environment for attackers are both valid and rational forms of fear. […]


Hypnosis: The Answer to Hot Flashes in Postmenopausal Women

A latest study published in the journal Menopause has reported that hypnosis is an effective tool for treating hot flashes in post menopausal women. The research was conducted by scientist at the Baylor University’s research laboratory. Hypnosis as a Therapy Hypnotic relaxation therapy has long been under study for providing relief from various medical conditions. […]

Conversational Hypnosis Techniques

Evaluating Conversational Hypnosis Techniques

In case you are interested in conversational hypnosis techniques you should know that in this case there is no pendulum hanging in front of you. The main point is to influence the mind of a person through using the principles of persuasion. Critical factor The focus of hypnosis is to get through the critical factor […]

Hypnotherapy for Depression – How Does It Work?

Hypnotherapy for Depression – How Does It Work?

Depression is a serious condition and as many as 5 to 10% of the general popular could have it to a lesser or larger extent. Apart from therapy and antidepressant medications, hypnotherapy for depression is now gaining popularity as an effective and natural way to combat the condition. Hypnotherapy could be a solution for depressed […]

Hypnosis Induction Scripts

Hypnosis Induction Scripts to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Hypnosis can help in reaching the innermost recesses of the mind to unlock the vast power of the unconscious mind. Hypnosis induction scripts offer to help you achieve your goals by tapping into reservoir of power within the mind. What are hypnosis induction scripts? These scripts consist of hypnotic words or suggestions that help to […]

Underground Hypnosis

What Is Underground Hypnosis and Does It Really Work?

Underground hypnosis is something that claims to teach you to hypnotize people, find out things or train your own mind by using covert means. This is also known as covert persuasion; and supposedly helps us gain self-confidence or self-empowerment and also influence people and achieve goals. What is underground hypnosis? In theory this is a […]

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

How Does “Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy” Work?

Stop smoking hypnotherapy is one of the popular smoking cessation aids that people opt for these days. Hypnotherapy is used for resolving several different addictive behaviors and substance abuse, for overcoming depression and even gambling problems. Similarly, stop smoking hypnotherapy is used to help one quit smoking in a natural way that doesn’t involve using […]