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The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Iridology

Iridology or iris diagnosis is a method or a tool which many naturopaths use to evaluate the health condition of the person by looking at the iris.  This method is performed by making use of a magnifying glass, torch and an iris camera. The practitioner takes a close look at the iris of the person […]

The Various Benefits of Iridology

Iridology is an alternative medicine technique which claims and believes that the colors, patterns as well as the various other characteristics of the iris can be examined to find out information about a person’s health.  The practitioners who are trained in iridology match the color of the patient’s iris to a color chart and hence […]

Use Iridology to Find Health Imbalances

As kids when your parents took you to the doctor, you may remember how he used to check your eyes. You may have wondered what the doctor found in your eyes that helped him to diagnose what was wrong with you. Well, actually our eyes speak volumes not just about what our mental state is […]

Iridology: Four Eye Exams That Can Save Your Life

Supporters of Iridology believe that looking into the eye, various physical and mental diseases along with cancer can be diagnosed by noting visible changes to the iris. In fact, there are four eye exams according to Iridology supporters that can determine what type of disease may be inflicting your body or mind. Eye Exam #1: […]

Iridology – A Detailed Study Of The Iris Of The Eye

The eyes are the soul of your body. So the regular examination of your eyes is essential. Iridology offers a detailed examination of patterns, colors, and other characteristics of the iris for information about your systemic health. Iridology is an alternative medical practice. This practice involves the diagnosis of the disease by studying the iris […]

Iridology – Perfect Method Of Diagnosing Your Disease

Iridology is a method of alternative treatment in which the color of the iris is used to indicate the presence of different toxins. It is mainly the study of the visible parts of the eye, especially the iris. The eyes are the mirror to the soul. They are also the mirror to the body, particularly […]