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Kinesiology for Occupational Therapy

Before you try to understand how Kinesiology is used in occupational therapy, it is really important to understand the term Kinesiology. In medical science it is popularly known as human kinetics as it refers to the study of human movement. The word originates from the Greek word Kinesis that means motion. Kinesiology is now popular […]

How can Anxiety be Treated with Kinesiology?

The study of human movement is called Kinesiology and is commonly known as human kinetics. This study helps us to understand the reasons and mechanisms behind various human movements and also helps to cure problems like anxiety, psychological disturbance, mental strength, and so on. Anxiety is also a psychological condition where you may feel restless […]

Energy Kinesiology – An Art of Treating Your Body Through Muscular Biofeedback

Energy kinesiology is a technique in which practitioner works to identify and correct the areas of weakness and the imbalances of your body. It combines various healing methods such as energy healing, acupuncture, psychotherapy, and lymph drainage in order to get best results. Energy kinesiology is a non-invasive technique, so people of all age groups […]

Can Applied Kinesiology Help With Neurological Issues?

If you suffer from a neurological disorder such as migraines, a previous stroke, or the beginning stages of dementia Kinesiology can be a possible treatment option. Neurological disorders are often hard to treat and diagnose. In many cases, the root cause of these issues can be hard, if not impossible to find. This is where […]

Applied Kinesiology For Muscle Testing!

Applied kinesiology is a system that tests the physical, mental and chemical conditions of health using manual muscle testing and other standard methods of diagnosis. Applied kinesiology is the contentious method of diagnosis. Applied kinesiology gives the feed back of functions in your body. The most common test in applied kinesiology is arm pull down […]

Suffering With Stressed Muscles? Kinesiology Is An Effective Solution To Relieve From Pain!

Muscles become stressed due to the heavy work load? Stressed muscles can cause lot of pain. Till now you have tried all the pain relief medications? But the result is feeling sleepy and don’t wish to work for any length of time. Then try for an alternative therapy called kinesiology which only works with your […]