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A New Therapist Quality Mark for Complementary Practitioners from UK

Alternative therapies have been often considered some kind of a hoax and the traditional medicine often underlined that there is no such thing as established credits for those practicing them. The Federation of Holistic Therapists’ has been accredited as a new, independent body under the Department of Health. Patients can now have complete confidence in […]

New Music Therapy to Help Young Cancer Patients

Music has been proved to work wonders in case of illness but recent studies discovered that an act of musical creativity the likes of writing lyrics and making musical videos can have a huge positive impact on the young people undergoing a cancer treatment. The Sad Truth More and more young people are diagnosed with […]

Studies Show Qigong Can Help Fight Stress and Anxiety for Adults

In case you would like to escape anxiety and stress, one of the best ways to achieve this is by practicing qigong. This will also increase your balance and flexibility. Originally qigong has been a form of self-defense, but it turned into a form of exercise that is used to treat different kinds of health […]

New York State – Looser Laws on Medical Marijuana

According to the latest news, the state of New York will become one of the few to loosen the laws and regulations regarding the use of medical marijuana. Such a law has been introduced over a century ago and it looks like this state will adopt the new regulations as well. Regulations Although some people […]

A Tailored Combination of Nutrition and Yoga to Help Cancer Patients

As the researches regarding cancer are making advancements, more and more people start talking about the benefits of yoga and nutritional education. In fact, some of the researchers are working solely with children to help them manage their condition and to lay the basis of a healthy future. Yoga Yoga comes with many different benefits, […]

Increasing Self Control with Electrical Brain Stimulation

You may not believe it, but a lot of people have problems with their self-control. They often say the wrong things at the wrong time or they have some habits that they simply can’t stop doing. However, the good news is there might be some hope for these people. The specialists claim that they have […]

Bee Venom to Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis

In case you know a little something about natural remedies, for sure you know that there is no condition or disease that doesn’t have a natural remedy. This is the case of rheumatoid arthritis as well. More than 50 physicians use bee venom to treat this condition along with high blood pressure, hearing loss, asthma, […]

How to Prevent Burnouts in Medical Students with Meditation

It is a known fact that stress is bad for health and health care specialists often tell their patients to reduce stress in their lives. Nonetheless, sometimes they don’t listen to their own advice. Some people say that the problem is partly caused by medical schools not offering stress-reduction and meditation training. Sad Truth According […]