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Wonder of Five Senses Meditation

It has been a proven fact that our sensory impressions are very vital to health. Our body is made up the same molecules like that of the universe and are in unison following the same principles. There is always an exchange of energy between your body and the universe and so you are continuously taking […]

Soft Belly Meditation – What and how?

Soft Belly meditation is one of the most effective ways to treat anxiety and panic attacks. The “knots” of tension or the churning feeling in the stomach can be alleviated with the right procedure of soft belly meditation. In this form of exercise you will eventually feel relaxed, peaceful, calm and easy in the abdominal […]

How to Prevent Burnouts in Medical Students with Meditation

It is a known fact that stress is bad for health and health care specialists often tell their patients to reduce stress in their lives. Nonetheless, sometimes they don’t listen to their own advice. Some people say that the problem is partly caused by medical schools not offering stress-reduction and meditation training. Sad Truth According […]

Bowel Disorders Treated with Mind –Body Therapy

The majority of doctors tend to ignore the holistic approaches when it comes to bowel disorders, such as irritable bowel syndrome. However, some of the studies have found that cognitive behavioral therapy and hypnosis may have positive effects on the patients struggling with problems of this kind. The Latest Studies The researchers see as their […]

Anxiety and How to Tame It with Transcendental Meditation

According to the latest studies, Transcendental Meditation is able to reduce the anxiety levels in case of people with high anxiety. It is good to know that trait anxiety refers to the general anxiety levels of people while state anxiety refers to the anxiety level of people at a given moment of time. The Study […]

Meditation Techniques for Beginners

Meditation is a way or a method through which one tries to focus all his attention to one particular area. This practice has several long term positive effects on a person and some of these include decrease in anxiety, increase in concentration and a feeling of calmness and happiness. Due to these various benefits, many people […]

Astral Projection Techniques for Beginners

Astral projection or astral travel is a kind of an out-of-body experience in which a person assumes an astral body which is different from the physical body. This astral body can travel outside the physical body and this is why this projection is also called ‘astral travel’. A person who is interested in taking to […]

Top Meditation Websites to Enroll In

Be it the stress of everyday life or those of a specific situation, stressful life has become a norm of most people on Earth today.While most of us grope in the dark trying to find a way out, we do not realize that yoga and meditation are tools lying right next to us which can […]