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Christian Meditation Techniques Exercises

All About Christian Meditation Techniques Exercises

The main point of the Christian meditation techniques exercises is to connect with the Lord on a spiritual level. While these techniques are somewhat similar to the other ones, they reject the idea of having an empty mind. Instead, they make people focus on the Lord. Information about the exercises of Christian meditation techniques According […]

History of Meditation Therapy

Learn About the History of Meditation Therapy

The history of meditation therapy started thousands of years ago when this practice became an important part of people’s spiritual lives. While it was important in the past, it has a role to play in the modern days as well and it doesn’t matter whether you are spiritually inclined or not. Renaissance of the practice […]


Meditation – Medicine for Loneliness

Loneliness has a mental as well as physical impact on everyone, including the old. Old age and loneliness are almost synonymous. Researchers at UCLA, California, who have worked on an eight week meditation program, found that older adults who participated felt less lonely after the program. The research findings were published in the latest edition […]

What Is Heart Chakra Meditation and Heart Chakra Meditation Techniques

What Is Heart Chakra Meditation and Heart Chakra Meditation Techniques

Heart chakra meditation techniques are based on the Yogic and Tantric concept of various chakras (literally meaning turnings or wheels or circles). The concept of Chakras in Buddhist and Hindu traditions can vary in terms of positions and hierarchies; however there is a common understanding that they symbolize the rotation of Shakti (power or energy) […]

Get Help Knowing How to Start Transcendental Meditation

Get Help Knowing How to Start Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental meditation was developed and popularized by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi; a spiritual movement that gained a global following in the 1960’s. In this post we look at how to start transcendental meditation as well as the techniques of this form of “mantra meditation”. Understanding transcendental meditation To know how to start transcendental meditation, it is […]

Meditation for seniors

How Meditation Can Help Seniors – Study

Modern lives demand multitasking that can have us feeling fragile and close to breaking point. Meditation has long been known to help center the mind and reduce stress, bringing a welcome calm into life. A recent study even tells us how meditation can help seniors feel less lonely. How meditation can help reduce loneliness Being […]

Benefits of Meditation

Taking a Look at the Core Benefits of Meditation

Something that seems to have gotten lost in today’s world is the importance of meditation and how important it is to make sure that you meditate on a routine basis. There are almost too many benefits of meditation to name, so you should definitely think about adding this kind of exercise to your normal routine. […]

What Is Meditation

What Is Meditation and How Does It Work?

Anyone who wants to know what is meditation is probably trying to figure out why so many people around the world are using certain meditation techniques on a daily basis. The main reason that a lot of people like to meditate is that there are many perks to meditating and entering your own mind. When […]