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What is Reiki

What Is Reiki and How Does It Work?

First off, to answer to answer the question what is Reiki, it is an Eastern healing practice that originated in Japan. It was developed in the 1920′s and introduced to the West by Hawayo Takata in 1937. As of 2007, it had been used by around 1.2 million adults and offered in over 800 hospitals […]

Reiki Treatment

Reiki Treatment: The Science Behind Alternative Medicine

Reiki treatment is one of the more controversial forms of alternative medicine. It is based on a Japanese healing technique that is sometimes referred to as “light touch therapy” in the West. The belief is that subtle energy surrounding the body can be moved and manipulated to help ease pain and facilitate healing in the […]

What is Reiki

What Is Reiki and How Can It Heal Your Energy?

There are many people who want to know what is Reiki because they have heard that it can cause great changes in one’s life. Reiki is basically a way that someone can heal the energy in your body and help you feel better about yourself. The main reason that you may want to use Reiki […]

Reiki Meditation

The Many Intricacies of Reiki Meditation

Reiki meditation is a form of stress relief therapy that falls under the category of alternative medicine and it has been used for many years as a way to heal the energy in your body. Japan is the country of origin for this type of treatment, and pretty much anyone who lives in modern society […]


How Reiki Helps Alleviate Problems Relating to Cancer Treatment?

As the west becomes more receptive to alternative therapies and complementary medicine, these therapies are now finding more acceptance and wider application. Acupuncture is now used to alleviate pain as well as deal with menopause symptoms, yoga and meditation are effectively used for reducing stress, hypnosis is used to reduce weight and beat addiction and […]

reiki therapy

Methods And Effects Of Reiki Therapy

Reiki therapy can help a person in a number of different ways – whether it is wanting to lower stress, such as pre wedding jitters for instance, or whether it is to treat physical ailments, even life threatening conditions such as cancer, its healing that can be administered by using little more than the energy […]

Top 10 Benefits Of Reiki Massage

Top 10 Benefits Of Reiki Massage

Reiki is a Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki massage pertains to the use of spiritual energy to heal a person’s aura through kneading and rubbing various body parts to obtain spiritual therapy. Although reiki and massage are two different things, the combination of these in Reiki massage helps a patient achieve physical […]

Understanding The Benefits Of Reiki And Theta Healing

Understanding The Benefits Of Reiki And Theta Healing

Reiki and Theta healing have been used in some culture for centuries. Both healing therapies are used to bring physical and mental healing to any area of the body. These healing methods are very different than traditional medical treatments. The person who needs to be healed does not undergo tests or take medicines in order […]