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5 Weight Loss Benefits of Tai Chi

Tai Chi sure has several benefits and is considered to be as advantageous as Yoga. But does this science of flowing movements and graceful poses also results in weight loss? Well, the answer is yes. Tai Chi should be made an essential part of your weight loss regime as it not only helps you burn […]

Superfoods And Tai Chi

Superfoods for Breast Cancer and Tai Chi for Better Brains

Recent research shows that non-pharmaceutical interventions using natural interventions such as certain superfoods and exercises can help allay mental infirmity and even fight disease. We look at how a breast cancer survivor used nutritional interventions to fight her disease and how tai chi can help increase brain size. Tai chi to increase brain size Recent […]

Tai Chi for Back Pain

Relieve Back Pain with Tai Chi

One of the major health benefits of tai chi is relieving back pain, restoring the capability to play, improving strength and quality of life. More than 75% of the population is suffering from severe back pain and 4 out of 5 adults can experience back pain at least once in their life. Various conditions result […]

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Tai Chi For Beginners – Understanding The Basics

Most of us have heard about the many health benefits of the martial art form, Tai chi chuan or Tai Chi as we commonly refer to it, not just as a mode of self defense, but for good health and a longer life. Tai Chi’s characteristic slow movements also help you live a longer and […]

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Tai Chi Improves Quality Of Life For Heart Patients

In a study involving patients of chronic systolic heart failure, the impact of Tai Chi programs on mood, quality of life, and other factors was examined. A 12 week Tai Chi program for heart patients was seen to improve quality of life, exercise self efficacy, and mood. According to Dr. Gloria Yeh, who was speaking […]

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Tai Chi? Why Not!

A recent New York Times article speaks about the ancient Chinese martial art of Tai Chi and extols the virtues of this practice as a stress relieving and health enhancing means. There are so many benefits that one can reap from the graceful, dancelike, meditative poses of Tai chi exercise, that it isn’t a question […]

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Tai Chi For Fibromyalgia, Chinese Medicine For Cancer

Alternative treatments are now increasingly able to target and treat specific illnesses and conditions, either in conjunction with mainstream treatments or by themselves. According to this report, researchers have found that traditional Chinese medicine can increase effectiveness of cancer treatment. Huang Qin Tang is a formulation containing roots, fruit and other plant extracts that has […]

Tai Chi To Increase Balance In Life

Tai Chi To Increase Balance In Life

Tai chi chuan, or more commonly known as Tai chi, is an ancient martial art which is more often practiced to improve the condition of one’s health. It is generally practiced for the general well being of the body, the one of the mind and the balance between the two. The words “Tai chi” literally […]