Achieve Healthy Energetic Body with Chakra Balancing

Chakra balancingChakras are the wheel like structures which are centers of energy that will have the ability to assimilate, transmit and receive energy.

You have chakras from head to the root of the spine. There are seven chakras in your body: they are root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, brow chakra and crown chakra.

The entry gates for air are chakras. These chakras reside in your body and are responsible for your mental, spiritual and physical functions.

Reason for chakra balancing:

You have to balance your life force, otherwise energy is not positioned and you become faint. If your chakra balancing is not done, then stagnant energy cannot run in and out of your body. Hence, your body suffers from emotional and illness problems. You should also face common causes such as repression of emotion, stress, not having beliefs over truth, detachment from superior power, no exercise, unhealthful diet, exposure to toxicity etc because of imbalanced chakras.

You have to balance chakras properly because too much opening of chakras leads to the loss of whole life energy and if chakras are closed, outer energy cannot flow into your body. The chakras which are present in your body have some particular resonance of frequency, in which each chakra has to vibrate. Chakras are in the imbalanced state, when vibration deviates from natural frequency. Chakras balancing will help your energy to match with the universal energy by vibrating them in natural frequency.

How can you attain chakra balancing?

The best ways for chakra balancing are kundalini yoga and meditation. To motivate chakras, you can use various exercise and foods. The other tools for chakra balancing are crystals and gem, color therapy, subtle aromatherapy, light and sound therapy, sacred geometry and touch therapy.

  • Color therapy for chakra balancing: Chakras present in your body are of different colors and each color represent different moods.
  • Chakra balancing with crystals and gems: This therapy is also associated with the definite colors of crystal and gems that are consigned with each chakra.
  • Chakra balancing with light therapy: With the help of this light therapy, you can bring your chakras to vibrate in natural frequency. In this therapy, the chakras are exposed to the electromagnetic frequency.
  • Sound therapy for chakra balancing: The great effect is brought in your emotional feelings with sound vibration. From music, chanting, toning, tuning fork and quartz crystal bowls, you will get sound vibration. You can balance specific chakras with specific resonance of sound.
  • Chakra balancing with aromatherapy: In this therapy for improving your life without stress and for emotional well being, you can use essential oils and scented candles. By following this therapy, you will have direct link to chakra.
  • Chakra balancing with sacred geometry: Chakra healing is done by using crystals, pyramid energy and art in the form of sacred geometrics.
  • Touch therapy like energy healing reiki is also used to balance chakras.

Energy is power, so utilize inner and outer energy by chakra balancing.