Chinese Astrology – Energy And Balance For Body Healing

Chinese AstrologyTCM or otherwise know as Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a practice of balance in the body. TCM has been a tradition in China for over two thousand years now. It has now rapidly spread across the world.

TCM is maintained by being in control of your body balance and beyond. The life force that is thought to animate this body is referred to as chi or qi.

This flows through channels and then is divided into Ying and Yang.

We all have a different sign in Chinese Astrology. Each sign is a disposition of what certain illnesses we have the possibility of acquiring. When having these readings done, a birth chart will represent the spiritual, mental and physical bodies. There are houses on the chart that will act as problem planets, and will show what type of illness will be manifested in the body.

If there is a blockage or imbalance in the body of the Ying and Yang, it is considered to be the cause of diseases.

Chinese doctors then observe the pulse, tongue and skin. They also feel it to be necessary to have a conversation with the patient before they actually make their diagnosis. They believe that not one single part of the body can be understood except in it’s relation to the whole.

If there are symptoms, they are not tracked back to a cause, but looked at as a bigger part of the situation. Every patient that is seen by a doctor is given their own individual prescription based on their specific needs for their body. This could include acupuncture or certain exercises.

It has been shown that TCM can treat the effects of disorders such as migraines and osteoarthritis. TCM can teach you that your health is determined by all different factors. It is also important to pay attention to the things that you are doing on a daily basis, especially when it comes to nutrition, weight loss, vitamins and herbal medicines.

Everybody wants to live a long and healthy life. Our physical body expresses our mind and our spirit. When we are able to make better choices for ourselves in our mind, it will result in a healthier body.

When we have a light and content spirit, our mind is able to make better choices. Through the use of good diet and other methods like mantra and aromatherapy, we can heal ourselves before we become ill.