Chinese Herbs For Effective Acne Cure

chinese herbsAcne is a malady we would much rather keep away from. Think of the innumerable problems it gives. It causes skin irritation, and constant pain.

It gives us a poor appearance and we are constantly on a hide-out when hit by acne.

Acne is caused by excessive heat developed in the body. It can also be caused owing to hormonal imbalance.

Acne is also registered in the times of menarche when suddenly all the enzymes and hormones get on an overdose. Finally, acne may also be caused due to perpetual skin rashes.

At the end of the day, they require being treated. Though there are many medicines which can purposefully treat acne, they are either expensive or can have certain long-term side effects.

This makes herbs a most sought after regime for acne treatment [Herbal acne treatment]. Chinese herbs prove to be quite an effective cure for acne. Let’s gave a synoptic view of acne treatment through Chinese herbs.

Called the lesion of the lung wind by traditional Chinese medicine science, acne is generally believed to be caused due to heat forced by environment and dampness inside the body according to Chinese gerbil experts.

Chinese herbal medicine classifies acne into three major types. These can be blood-heat type or toxic heat or phlegm accumulation type.

Blood heat type can be remedied by cooling the blood. For this, you require to cast away the heat built up pathogenically.

This requires Loquat leaf with rehmannia root, moutan bark, prunella spike, and forsythia fruit among other things.

The second one that is the phlegm accumulation type acne, builds owing to a lot of phlegm or cough. This is why it is characterized by furry tongue. Such acne is extremely painful and lasts pretty long on the cheek.

This can be effectively treated through peach kernel, safflower and other sub-ingredients including forsythia fruit, poria and ponellia.

Honeysuckle and dandelion flower along with tangerine seed and moutan barks are considered quite effective for the purpose of treating the toxic-heat caused acne. The idea is take care of heat as well as damp and then the acnes will not surface on the exoderm.

Keeping this in mind, the herbatologists examine your case and give treatment formulas.

People think a lot about the heat component but do not often think that excess water in body tissues cause dampness which provides great breeding grounds for fungi, viruses and bacteria.