Chinese Traditional Treatment for acne Sufferers

If you have acne, chances are you have tried a lot of different over the counter and even prescription medications and may met with varying degrees of success.

On the other hand it may be that looking at the list of chemicals and artificial substances that make up the acne remedy, you may have been put off, preferring not to put a bunch of chemicals on your skin.

On the other hand alternative treatments such as Chinese medicine can be effective acne treatment that relies on herbs and food sources to treat the unsightly skin condition.

Firstly a practitioner will try and find out the factor responsible for the acne; whether it is heat or damp that is the cause.

In one case (heat) over exertion or over stimulation of the body could result in inflammation and hormonal imbalance could result from hostility in the body.

In the other case (damp) there could be water retention, swelling, indigestion that cause swelling and rupturing of acne. The presence of bacteria and excess sebum is related to this.

Once the cause has been isolated, appropriate treatment is provided: cooling foods, and appropriate herbal formulations may be prescribed in accordance with the root source or cause of the acne.