New Developments in the Field of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Though Traditional Chinese Medicine has been around for ages, literally, modern medicine is only now fathoming all of the ways in which this ancient method of healing can be beneficial to us. We take a look at some recent findings with relation to TCM or traditional Chinese medicine.

Impact of traditional Chinese medicine on fertility problems

A review of clinical trials was conducted; funded by the Australian government, which examined the impact of traditional Chinese medicine on women with fertility problems. The review of the clinical trials found that use of TCM showed better results than those produced by western or mainstream medications.

Chinese MedicineThe reviewers found that women who used IVF treatment showed a 30% chance of getting pregnant, whereas women who were on TCM had a 50% chance of getting pregnant.

These results were recorded over a four month window within which woman tried to get pregnant. The results probably owe themselves to the fact that a woman’s monthly cycle is very carefully examined by TCM practitioners to gauge exactly when she is most likely to conceive.

Other reasons for the greater success of TCM, is the fact that this medical system recognizes more menstrual disturbances than conventional medicine.

There are other reasons why TCM scores over IVF treatments: first is the fact that IVF treatments can be quite stressful for the mother-to-be, and stress is a known hindrance in the matter of conceiving a child. Secondly IVF can significantly expensive and TCM can be a lot less costly.

Researchers however do sound a note of caution by informing us that Chinese medicines can be quite potent and that there are potential risks of using even these medicines that are herbal which could have powerful effects on the body.

TCM as a remedy for aplastic anemia

Aplastic anemia can be a problematic condition that lowers a person’s immunity and makes them more prone to infections, bleeding, bruising and other problems such as lowered platelet count, palpitations etc.

There is now some evidence to show that Chinese herbal remedies could relieve aplastic anemia and improve immunity. It can help with blood platelet counts as well as production of red and white blood cells. The remedy also has this to recommend it: it may not have the side effects that mainstream western medications are known to have. This herbal remedy is still in the developmental stages; however researchers are hopeful that it will be available for general use in a few years.