Feng Shui – Tips for Emotional Health and Stability

Feng ShuiHow to maximize your energy through arrangement of your home? Here is traditional Chinese method called feng shui which helps in proper placement of furniture.

Feng shui is not only used as interior decoration but is also beneficial to energize your body.

With the help of feng shui you can create and bring whatever you need into your lives by following the patterns of nature.

There are usually four elements for every other culture such as earth, air, fire and water, but feng shui uses the fifth element called metal. The combination of these 5 elements along with the use of furniture placement, lightning, sounds and smells promote your well-being on different levels.

In order to achieve your well-being you must have at least a basic knowledge of qi. Sometimes it is pronounced as Chi. Qi is the life force that surrounds and binds us and it can be found in everything. Feng shui helps to heal, balance and enrich your lives.

For instance, the placement of furniture in your home provides either a path or block for qi to move through. That’s why having energy paths in your house is most important, as important as finding and destroying of poison arrows, or sharp corners within the house.

Chinese proved that by placing in a qi pleasing way, around the home, within the office, or even out in the garden, you can achieve a better level of health in career, home, success, and wealth. It also promotes creativity, positive social relationship, contemplation, self-confidence, and respect for others.

Feng shui is not only considered as a way of decorating your house but also can be considered as a preventative medicine. The first thing you have to do to start with feng shui is remove all the clutter from your house.

Remove the things that you don’t need with a rigorous house cleaning. The existence of clutter in your home creates some form of dullness and with this you will experience depression or a sense of being stuck or incapable of moving forward with plans for your life.

Bagua map helps you in determining the exact location and part of your life that the clutter is directly affecting, because different corners of your home will affect different parts of your life. This map helps in determining the energy flow throughout the home and in other living places.

Some of the design views of feng shui include:

  • Arranging the doors on adjoining walls. It will encourage a circular movement of qi that is considered as relaxing and good feng shui.
  • Arranging beds, sofas, chairs or seating with their backs to the doors or windows is not suggested in feng shui.
  • Choose the front of your home in an appropriate size in proportion to your home. Too large or too small will not assist proper qi flow through the home.