The Effects Of Chinese Medicine In Your Daily Life!

Chinese MedicineSearching for a complete medical system?

Chinese medicine is a complete medical system that is used to diagnose, treat, and prevent your illness.

Chinese medicine is commonly referred to as TCM.

It is a system of healing rooted in the beliefs and traditions of oriental medicine.

In Chinese medicine, your body is viewed as a delicate complex of systems that must all be kept in balance for your body to remain healthy.

Chinese medicine uses a wide variety of techniques to maintain the balance. The techniques it uses are meditation, acupuncture, massage, mental and physical discipline such as Tai Chi and yoga, herbal medicine and nutritional therapy.

Chinese medicine is also regarded as an integral part of conventional medicine. Similar to naturopathy, Chinese medicine is a holistic philosophy. It takes all of your body’s systems into account, including mental, physical, emotional, nutritional, and social aspects of your life.

Chinese medicine is mainly based on the balance of opposing elements in the body, and their synchronization both within your body and the environment around it. Yin and yang are the two main forces which combine to form the Qi or vital life force.

According to Chinese medicine, the main causes of diseases arise due to the imbalance of yin and yang that block the proper flow of Qi. The treatment methods which are aimed to restore the balance and unblocking the flow of your body help to restore your health condition.

Chinese medicine is a non-invasive treatment, and your health care provider will attempt to realign your body’s balance using massage, nutrition, acupuncture and manipulation before prescribing medicine or surgery.

Benefits of Chinese medicine:

  • The herbs used in TCM have biological effect on your body, and the massage and physical manipulation techniques work to relieve pain by manipulating the muscles, nerves and tendons.
  • TCM is highly effective on long-term chronic patterns.
  • TCM has the ability to promote and maintain a standard of health which comes from your own ability to regulate and fight off disease factors.

Criticisms of Chinese medicine:

Some of the main criticisms of TCM are:

  • Some of the herbs used in Chinese medicine can be dangerous and they affect your body. For instance, ephendra is one such medicine.
  • The methodologies of TCM are almost untested in western medicine.
  • Sometimes herbs can be contaminated and can be diluted with unsafe ingredients for the use in medical and supplementary treatments. Be sure while purchasing herbal remedies.
  • Most of the philosophy and reasoning behind TCM is based on magical thoughts. For instance, the powder of tiger bone is an energetic supplement because tigers are energetic animals. It is an insufficient basis for western minds to even begin a research.

Chinese medicine uses the knowledge in its ancient organized system. TCM examines various factors that contribute to a condition of disharmony. TCM searches for a permanent solution to the issue, rather than just treating the symptoms.