Chiropractic Care Could Help with Diabetes

In the United States, Diabetes is one of the top five deadly diseases and is also a worldwide malaise. One of the effective alternative therapies that diabetics could benefit from is chiropractic care.

A study conducted and reported some years back in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research found that chiropractic care, more particularly chiropractic adjustments could help enhance diabetes care.

Chiropractic CareChiropractic care was seen to be beneficial for those who were also receiving guidance regarding exercise and nutrition – glucose levels of blood and urine were seen to become normal and stable.

It was seen that improving spinal alignment and correcting subluxations improved the relationship between the body’s organs and the nervous system.

There is also the fact that diabetes can cause musculoskeletal problems that causes diabeteics to seek out chiropractic help.

Physical pain and discomfort, numbness of the extremities, trouble walking and with body balance, back and neck pain are often reported by seniors with diabetes.

These individuals in particular may benefit from using chiropractic care for their condition.

More recently as well, there have been reports of chiropractic care being used to control diabetes. Patients are advised about diet and good nutrition to help control blood sugar, weight and so that the person can reduce dependence upon prescription medications.

Each person gets a customized treatment that is tailored to their specific requirements and that includes botanical supplements, nutrition advice and an effective plan to build stamina and strength of the body.

The unique part of this program is that an upper body ergometer is used to enhance stamina and aerobic fitness. The idea is to reduce or even eliminate reliance on drugs which can have harmful side effects.

People report to feeling improvement as their numbness of the extremities reduced and mobility improved. People also found conditions such as night blindness and neuropathy of the foot were answered.