Color Therapy – The Art Of Healing The Whole Body With Colors

Color TherapyColor therapy is a big part of the Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic practices.

Much research has been done in the area of light and color therapy. It is a great addition to traditional therapies and treatments.

According to color therapy a patient reaction can be significantly increased by changing the mount and color of light entering the eyeball.

Hence psychological and physical changes can be observed.

Today there are thousands of practitioners of color therapy. Be clear and ask all your doubts and questions as they ask you during the initial visit.

If you observe that he can’t answer according to your expectations then leave him and search for another practitioner.

Color therapy is considered as a complementary medicine. A good reputable practitioner will refer you to another practitioner for treatment of your ailments, using color therapy only in conjunction with their recommendations.

Working of color therapy:

Color therapy is mainly based on creating balance and enhancing energy. The seven colors of light spectrum are properly aligned along each charka of the body.

These colors resonate with your body’s own healing energy to alleviate stress, headaches, etc. each color has its own wavelength and supplies the energy of the corresponding charka.

The colors and their corresponding charkas are:

  • Blue = the throat
  • Green = the heart
  • Indigo = the brow
  • Orange = the lower tummy area
  • Red = the base or groin
  • Violet = the crown of the head
  • Yellow = the solar plexus

Each charka is considered as an energy wheel with each color as a component in the machine of the body. Once any component is out of alignment, the entire machine runs improperly or breaks down.

So a better health can be achieved by keeping all of the seven components flowing proper energy to each part of the body.

The first session of color therapy:

During the first session the color therapist will ask you a series of questions and he will also explain various methods of alternative treatment. He will discuss everything with you such as about the use of color in your every day life and how it balances the energy.

Color therapy can affect all the four levels of your life such as physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Color therapist can determine which color energy you are lacking in your everyday life and then he will prescribe different colors or combinations along with the light therapy in addition to holistic treatments in order to balance all the four levels of your body.

For instance, the color associated with the crown of the head is violet and is connected to the organ of the brain and relates to self knowledge and/or spiritual awareness.

This color is suitable for those who are suffering with depression, memory loss, and also Alzheimer’s (Alzheimer’s Awareness Bracelet) patients. This color is considered as a cool color and it has calming properties.

Blue relates to self depression (Alternative treatment for Depression) and the digestive tract.

Green relates to the heart, breast and helps with the immune system.

Yellow is a warm color and it stimulates the stomach and liver.

Orange is a color for sociability and creativity. It relates to self worth. It manages the bowels, ovaries, testes and uterus. Most of you ear it for joy and confidence.

Red stimulates the appetite and is often used in restaurant decorations.