Health Bill Should Cover Alternative Therapies

We have touched upon the Health Bill that has recently been made law in the United States, and its inadequate attention to Complementary and alternative therapies. In purely practical and financial terms as well, the health bill does not address issues of alternative medicine.

The fact is that more and more Americans are now interested in and prefer CAM therapies to the usual drugs-surgery routine of mainstream medicine. An estimated 38% of the adult population of the United States uses CAM therapies such as meditation and acupuncture according to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

alternative therapiesAlso according to the statement made by National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Americans spent about $38 billion out of pocket in the year before, because CAM therapies are not covered.

It is not just the fact that so many people use CAM and have to go out of pocket. It is also the fact that CAM therapies are preventive in nature and encourage healthy eating and lifestyle choices which actually reduces health care costs in the long run. This fact also ought to be taken into consideration; so that CAM therapies are brought within the ambit of the health care reform.

Source: State Press