Mayo Clinic Book Of Alternative Medicine, Useful Bedside Book Of CAM Therapies

With interest in complementary and alternative medicine reaching new heights there is more and more demand for information about how to prevent illness using natural modes while saving a ton of money. The Mayo Clinic Book of Alternative Medicine (updated) is just such a source of information about CAM therapies.

It is a reliable and lucid resource for those that want to incorporate these therapies into their daily lives. Disease prevention, self care and the ultimate aim of good health and wellness are the issues addressed by the book.

mayoclinic book of alternative medicineYoga, acupuncture, and the use of different herbal remedies are discussed. The book includes:

  • To reduce high blood pressure, magnesium and calcium supplements may be useful.
  • For those with type 2 diabetes, regular intake of oats and sensible eating could lower levels of blood sugar.
  • Those with mental problems such as bipolar disorder could find Omega 3 to be a mood stabilizer. Sources include fatty fish, walnuts etc.
  • Peppermint can help ease heartburn and IBS.
  • Things such as the avocado, acai berry, cinnamon and ginger are good to include in one’s diet, which could help to prevent a number of health problems.

Source: PR Newswire