Why Complementary Medicine Is So Popular, Who Uses It And Why?

Complementary MedicineEverybody has a question of who uses complementary medicine.

If you believe the probability, one in every two of the people who are reading this article right now use or have used some form of complementary medicine in the past twelve months.

According to the research conducted in Australia it is estimated that “about half the general population in developed countries use complementary medicine”. Some other studies by some other researchers have shown that:

  • Complementary medicine is used by 36 percent of the Americans in the past years.
  • If prayer was included as one of the complementary and alternative therapy treatment 62 percent of the people have used some form of complementary medicine in the past years.
  • According to the survey conducted in the year 1998, 40 percent of the Americans had used some form of complementary medicine in the past year.
  • A British report released in 1997 found that the use of complementary medicine had increased from 34 to 42 percent since 1990.

There are many reasons recommended for the increased use of complementary medicine in the past 25 years. Some of them are:

  • A well educated and sophisticated population who search for many choices
  • Increase in the medical education for the doctors
  • Patients who are demanding more of a say in their own treatment
  • Increased knowledge of complementary medicine in most of you due to the internet and other information sources
  • The acceptance of you to centered treatment

According to those who support the use of complementary medicine, alternative medicine offers a number of things to patients that they do not find in conventional medicine. These include:

  • Stress reduction methods to help in dealing with your illness
  • Some of the smoothing health services include nutritional consultation, therapeutic massage and physical fitness training
  • Effective alternative methods for pain control
  • Your empowerment
  • Smoothing care
  • Main aim is at increasing your comfort instead of curing the disease

The people who choose some form of complementary medicine come from all walks of life and all income levels. This is a clear difference from just a quarter of a century ago.

Those who adapted for complementary medicine were seen as less educative and less well-heeled than the patients of conventional doctors.

In recent days some of the alternative medical practitioners ask for sophisticated consumers who demand the best treatment for their illness and are prepared to pay for it.

This approach has drop down as the insurance companies and health maintenance organizations realize that, certainly who are suffering with sciatica may recover more quickly and require less therapy when therapeutic massage and water therapy is included in their treatment, despite of scientific studies.

In the United States some of the medical systems from other cultures become better known. Doctors see for themselves that they are effective in helping you with various illnesses.

Hence, the number of complementary medicines that are accepted by mainstream medicine will increase. At the same time, the steady focus of yours on those therapies will encourage research to pick over useless or harmful therapies.