Cinnamon And Honey – Scam Or Actually A Miracle Medicine

When I was in India for a brief stint, I was quite surprised looking at honey as a medicine.

The lodge that we were living in had a pretty old caretaker with a particularly mischievous grandchild.

As it was bound to happen to such mischievous children, he once came limping and crying with a pretty deep gash on his leg.

His grandmother, after the initial vocal drumming of ears, called for the nearby doctor and created a concoction of honey and some local herbs and rubbed it along the wound.

She told us naive foreigners that it was a kind of first aid that would stop bleeding and even be helpful in the curing of the wound. Of course, mind that she told, use it as a first aid medicine and not medicine itself for the wound. And there was no cinnamon to be found in the mixture.

Due to publicized events such as these, recently, people all around the world have been airing the opinion that a mixture of cinnamon and honey is the miracle medicine that the human world has been searching for a long time.

But whether a mixture of cinnamon and honey is a scam or actually a miracle medicine is yet to be proved. We were quite intrigued by the happenings and we did a bit of our own research.

In our research, we found that if we look into the foods individually, honey has been known to have a lot many health benefits throughout the years.

In countries like India and Japan, honey has been used for its medicinal purposes through generations, but it was never a miracle medicine that it is now touted to be as.

Unfortunately, most times, it is found out that the reports of such miracle foods are more often than not unfounded and basically a scam for unscrupulous people to make money of products that they intend to sell.

With the advancement of science and medicine, we have found out many everyday ingredients and foods that have medicinal qualities.

In fact, some foods have been found to have so many medicinal qualities, that they are considered to be miracle medicines. Whenever reports about such foods crop up in the mainstream media, the authenticity of such reports is questioned.

Honey, by itself, has been proved to be useful for ailments like acidity, diabetic ulcers, and has sometimes been used to reduce swelling, scarring and as a natural stoppage element for wounds.

Honey is used as a topical antibiotic for diabetic ulcers in the cases where the patient cannot have any other topical antibiotics. Honey is an antioxidant. These antioxidants are known to be useful to cure the colon in colitis.

Apart from these, honey has been traditionally known as a cure for coughs and sore throats.

In fact, honey has been used by many grandmothers as an alternative medicine for many throat ailments.

Basically, if honey is mixed with lemon juice and ingested slowly, the throat is covered with honey and therefore the discomfort is decreased.

Honey also has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, which are useful in healing throat ailments like laryngitis and sore throats.

Along with these properties, honey is also known to reduce the time that would be needed to heal a burn. Some studies have come up with a decreased timeframe of up to four days.

Speaking of Cinnamon, it is a spice that is commonly used in the Eastern world. Cinnamon is mostly used as a condiment in dishes. It is sometimes used to add the flavor to dishes and it is also used in pickling.

Along with these uses, Cinnamon is known to have some remarkable medicinal properties. It is known for its usage in the Type 2 diabetes mellitus and also for the insulin resistance properties that it has.

Taking into consideration the medicinal properties of cinnamon and honey on an individual basis, one cannot be sure whether the medicinal aspect to cinnamon and honey is a scam or a miracle medicine.