Holistic Medicine More Than Autosuggestion

A few years ago, one of my nephews had a gallstone. As far as we are away from the medical world, we thought that the gallstone was equal to a kidney stone, and lots of water or a few quick beers would solve the problem.

We also knew that in the worst case scenario, we would have to operate on him, that would be a laser surgery costing a few hundred dollars and he’d be out of the hospital within the week. And that is when we found out what a gallstone actually is.

In a few days, we found out that the gallstone was a stone of the gallbladder, which does not have any place to go out, unlike the kidney stone.

We also found out that the only way to remove the gallstone was to remove the gallbladder – something like if the flute is broken there would be no music.

However, we were not comfortable with the idea of my twenty eight year old nephew having to undergo a surgery that would effectively have one of his body organs removed. That is when we learn about holistic medicines like homeopathy and Ayurveda, and actually learnt of cases where people have been cured of gallstones just hours before the surgery was taking place.

Well, some pills and drops and a few days of diarrhea and bile vomiting and my nephew was back to work – gallbladder intact, and no gallstone.

The human health is one of the most important and valuable aspects to mankind. To use a cliché, the term ‘health is wealth’ is not only a phrase but a ground reality today.

With the human body exposed to several more illnesses and medical situations than ever before, medicine for the human body has not only become important but a compulsory aspect of daily living. But that is easier than done, because the rising costs of living have also added to medicines.

Today, medicines are quite costly as well as simply not available for some illnesses.

This is where Holistic medicine, sometimes also known as alternative medicine, comes into the picture.

We all have some or the other non serious medical situations like light obesity, dandruff, basic tiredness, etc, that we tend to ignore until they become serious enough for us to think about the mainstream medicine for these medical situations.

However, holistic medicines are available to solve these medical situations before they aggravate. These holistic medicines are available on a more economical basis as compared to mainstream medicine. Because holistic medicine is not used widely, people are apprehensive about its effect. However, Holistic medicine is more than autosuggestion.

Holistic medicine is an umbrella term for several non invasive, non mainstream medical streams, namely homeopathy, Ayurveda, Reiki, etc. In fact, Holistic Medicine is sometimes considered to be alternative medicine, but it was not always so.

For example, Ayurveda is still a formidable type of medicine in countries like India, and was the only type of medicine in ancient times. Other Holistic medicines and activities like Reiki, acupressure, acupuncture are imports from the countries like Japan and China.

There have been many cases where serious medical situations have been averted due to the use of holistic medicine. In fact, if you take the case of gallstones, which occur in the gallbladder and do not have a point to leave the body, the only cure in mainstream medicine is a surgery that removes the gallbladder.

However, there have been cases where the gallstone has come out of the body via vomiting or light diarrhea, sometimes even hours before the surgery was intended to take place.

There is ample proof that these types of holistic medicines were mainstream medicines just a few hundred years ago, therefore, it can be said that Holistic medicine is more than autosuggestion.