Two Unusual Therapies – Voice Therapy and Gem Stone Therapy

In our quest to find natural and safe alternatives to surgical and pharmaceutical interventions, we learn more and more about alternative therapies. There are so many different therapies that we can use to reduce our reliance on mainstream therapies and their side effects: we look at two therapies among these – voice therapy and gem stone therapy.

Gem Stone Therapy

Voice therapy

Many of us have voice disorders that range from temporary conditions caused by infections such as laryngitis to hoarseness to more serious conditions. While surgical options are available, most of us would prefer not to go under the knife if at all possible.

This is where voice therapy comes in. Voice therapy can be effective not only for the preservation of one’s voice (important for people such as singers, RJs, or teachers) but also for improving voice quality and resolving disorders.

The therapy consists of various techniques that help preserve one’s voice. Hydration, voice conservation, vocal hygiene, voice relaxation and the yawn sigh are some of the techniques that voice therapists use to maintain and restore a healthy voice.

One is also taught to reduce the amount of trauma that we cause to the vocal chords by avoiding clearing the throat, yelling, screaming, speaking for long periods on the phone, having conversations in loud environments etc. The person is also taught ways and means to rest and conserve the voice.

Gem Stone therapy

Gem stone therapy brings us closer to our spiritual side and also improves self knowledge. This is because it is customized to the person who seeks to be healed and helps resolve not only physical problems but also mental and emotional ones. It is a holistic treatment that looks not merely at symptoms but underlying conditions that give rise to those symptoms.

The therapy is initiated by finding out about each person’s medical history. It also looks at their life history – in terms of life experiences and one’s essential nature. Gem stone readings help identify what kind of therapy will work for each person and how.

Gem stone therapy understands that symptoms are merely the body’s way of telling us about a problem or an imbalance. It is up to us to try to get to the root of the problem. This therapy is also known as Crystal healing and has been used by various different cultures for goals ranging from treating illnesses to improving intelligence. The therapy can also be used for pets and other animals.