Yoga Can Help Quit Smoking

I was a compulsive smoker. If any cigarette manufacturer would want a free model for their advertisements, I was right man to contact – a few years ago.

My work as a copywriter and stressful deadlines made the habit of smoking more lucrative for me – a few puffs for myself would never hurt me, would it?

It was only a few years into my professional life that I met a person who quietly brought about a change in me. When I first met him, and heard him, I felt his voice was a bit garbled. As I continued to speak with him, I found out that this guy was talking through a machine.

Much as you would like to think that you are reading a science fiction novel, you are not. This was way back in 2006 and the person was talking through a voice box, because his larynx was removed.

Of course, he never said that smoking was the sole cause of his larynx being removed; he did accept that smoking was one of the reasons why he had to have his voice box removed. It is at that moment in time that I decided to quit smoking.

Smoking is one of the most controversial personal habits found in mankind today. Smoking is an addiction that is considered to be devastating for the individual.

Medical research has today succeeded in connecting smoking to several health situations like cancer of the mouth, lungs and several ailments of the heart.

Though the complete scope of damage that smoking can cause to the human psychology and body is yet to be ascertained, it is an undeniable fact that one has to try their best to quit smoking.

Recently, one idea that is doing the rounds of medical circles is that yoga can help quit smoking. It is a well known fact that Yoga is considered to be one of the best ways to lead a calm, serene, healthy and basically satisfied life. Using this concept, I tried to use yoga so that I could let go of my smoking habit.

If you are looking for ways to quit smoking and have heard that Yoga can help quit smoking, keep in mind that Yoga is not a miracle cure that has come out from the mystic caverns of the East.

Yoga is a proven science that comprises of various exercises in the form of asanas (physical positions), meditation and breathing techniques.

Here are some of the aspects that cause yoga to help quit smoking:

Yoga increases the mental strength and general immunity in a person, therefore creating an enhanced willpower and determination.

These two are the primary strengths that a person should have to quit smoking.

A person starts smoking either due to peer pressure or succumbs to smoking due to emotional distress of any kind.

Yoga does not cure only the physical aspect of wanting a smoke, but it actually tries to calm down the mind and maintain an emotional and psychological balance in the body.

Breathing practices that are found in yoga cause healthy lungs along with a better breathing mechanism in the body. Because of this, the body itself grows a rejection to smoking.

Also, because yoga has several other health benefits, the human body would begin to have an adversity to smoking because of the generally healthy state that the human body experiences.

Also, if a person begins to practice yoga, they have an enhanced understanding of their own body and therefore they understand the importance of good health. Due to this, they themselves begin tempted to give away the nasty habit so yes…Yoga indeed helps to quit smoking.