Wonderful Feng Shui Bedroom Tips to Rejuvenate Your Energy!

Bedroom is the place in which we spend one third of our lives. So, feng shui bedroom tips are the most essential part of our wealth creation strategy.

Bedroom is the place where your body rests, restores and rejuvenates itself, while your brain processes your daily experiences. You need to ensure that the external force in the bedroom flows freely as you identify your internal force during the sleep.

Here are some feng shui bedroom tips:

1. Cover or remove if there are mirrors in the bedroom while sleeping

Feng shui Bed RoomIt is very problematic if you place a mirror that reflects your bed. A single individual is less apt in attracting a romantic partner and placing the mirror doubles his/her loneliness.

A couple is more apt to attract another one who can disturb their relationship.

Individuals with stress, depression and other health problems can also be affected with the mirror that is reflecting the bed as it disturbs the sleep.

2. Don’t place water images in your bedroom

Water makes the energy field filled with too many emotions. Water creates problem in your relationships. It disturbs the concentration of students and creates emotional disturbances for children.

So, remove the fountains and water images from your bedroom and locate them where you find more active life in the house. Also, don’t keep the aquarium in your bedroom.

3. Bed should be in the king’s position so that you can observe the doorway

Locate the headboard of the bed in a fashion that when you rest on the bed you can observe the inward flow of energy if anyone enters the room. Or else, you can not control your life and miss great chances in your career.

If you can not alter the bed position, place a mirror opposite to the entrance so that when you wake up, you can observe the entrance in the mirror.

4. Decrease the electromagnetic field

You will experience great problems by keeping an electric alarm clock next to your head. Particularly, students and children should be aware of this. The force in the room is greatly disturbed with electromagnetic field and makes extra active force when you want to rest.

So, locate the alarm clock 2 meters away from the bed. It is better to keep a battery-operated clock to the wall because it creates too little electromagnetic field.

5. Be careful about the images that you hang over your head

The images that you hang above your head should connect with what you dream throughout the night or in your life. Don’t place aggressive, depressed, and chaotic images, portraits of fierce animals and overwhelming images of the nature.

So, you should be very careful about the images you choose because they need to soothe your strength and support the dreams.

6. Position of the bed to the window

Don’t place the headboard close to a window because your energy will dissipate through the window. You feel more tired when you wake up. The headboard should be strong and stable to protect your energy while you are asleep, to recharge it and internalize it.

7. Lighting in the bedroom

As the bedroom is more of a yin environment, the lighting that you choose must reflect this. It is better to keep soft lighting. Don’t keep ceiling lamps over your head as they disturb your sleep.

Follow these simple Feng Shui bedroom tips and be happy in your life.