Feng Shui Elements – A Means To Get More Harmony Into Your Living Environment

Every object or element present in the space has its own specific energy that it spreads out to everyone and everything else in its proximity.

One of the easiest ways to find your life leading with the help of feng shui is to get the power of particular feng shui colors to attain the preferred results. Color is the most powerful, as it is light.

The fundamental belief of feng shui is the principle of five elements.

The five feng shui elements include: wood, earth, fire, water and metal.

These five feng shui elements relate with each other in certain means, usually described as the productive and destructive cycles.

Each one of the feng shui elements is defined with a precise color and the color is the simplest method to utilize the five feng shui elements in order to get more harmony into your space.

Color association of all of the five feng shui elements:

  • Wood: Brown, green
  • Earth: Light brown, light yellow
  • Fire: Purple, orange, red and strong yellow
  • Water: Blue and black
  • Metal: Gray and white

It is very hard to know the usage of color in order to support and balance your environment with the help of compound feng shui objects.

But don’t worry about it, there are always basics defined to it. You will come to know everything with the help of feng shui energy map and clear about the right placement of the feng shui colors.

For instance, the energy related to south feng shui region is associated with your recognition and fame. For this, the better transformation is the fire or light within.

This is linked to the representation that your plan to other people, your individuality in others’ eyes and also how strong or good you are at distributing and sustaining your own identity, values or light.

For south region, the feng shui element is fire and the colors corresponding to it include: orange, red, purple and yellow. Don’t consider black or blue colors for south feng shui region.

  • Green color is an excellent or a healing choice to improve your overall health and balances your family life when it is used in the east feng shui region.
  • Blue color is a good choice for north feng shui region. This color supports and helps you in your career plans. For east region, it provides health and family well-being and for southeast, it provides abundance and prosperity.
  • Yellow color in the south region gives good times and happy gatherings.
  • Pure white color in the west region supports you in your imaginative endeavors.

So, when you plan to bring the colors to your environment as feng shui therapy, make sure that you study the light patterns throughout the day in your space and also observe how the color works with other people in your family. Also, the color should match with your decor objects, furniture pieces, arts, etc.